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Putin said - will not spare the culprits of the massacre; National mourning on 24 March

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the culprits of the shooting case in Crocus City will not be released under any circumstances. Putin said, after a thorough investigation into the shooting that killed more than 140 people during the concert, the culprits will be given strict punishment.

More than 140 people have died in the shooting in Crocus City, Russia. The death toll is continuously increasing. Meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin announced national mourning on March 24. Putin said that the culprits of this massacre will not be spared under any circumstances. He said that after investigation, the culprits of the murder will be given strict punishment. It is noteworthy that according to the Russian security agency regarding the attack in Russia, the attackers had contacts in Ukraine and were running towards the border. However, he was captured in Bryansk province before reaching the Russia-Ukraine border.

National mourning declared on March 24 after the barbaric terrorist act

Expressing disappointment and sadness over the Moscow shootings, Putin, who was recently elected President for the fifth time, addressed his countrymen and said, 'I am talking to you today in connection with the bloody, barbaric terrorist act in which dozens of innocent, peaceful people were killed. People became victims. I declare March 24 as national mourning day.

The actions of Islamic State terrorists; high alert in Moscow

The terrorists blasted the hall and opened fire heavily, targeting innocent people in Crocus City. After this incident, Russian security agency and police jointly launched a campaign by issuing high alert in Moscow. So far 11 suspects have been arrested in this incident. Four of these are gunmen who were directly involved in the attack.

Russian President showed strictness by releasing video message

Putin released a video saying the attackers tried to escape; They were moving towards the Ukrainian border...Investigating officials will make every possible effort to identify the attackers. These hoodlums went explicitly to kill our people. Putin also expressed hope for cooperation from other countries. The Russian President said in a strict tone that these terrorists have no nationality.

This attack on Russia shows a new threat to the country

After the unexpected terrorist attack, Russian agency Federal Security Service (FSB) said that investigation is ongoing in this matter. At the same time, on these allegations of Russia, the advisor to the President of Ukraine said that he has nothing to do with this incident. On the incident, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said that this attack by IS-Khorasan on Russia represents a new and serious threat to the country. He said that whoever has carried out this attack will not be spared.

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