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Most of the people infected with Corona are at risk of high blood pressure

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Corona is seen causing serious health risks globally. During corona infection and even long after recovery from it, people are at risk of many types of health problems due to post Covid syndrome. Researchers found that virus infection is also causing damage to many other organs of the body, which has also increased the risk of many types of chronic diseases.

In a recent research, the team of scientists found that most of the people who are victims of infection are facing the problem of high blood pressure, which has also increased the risk of heart diseases.

Health experts say, Covid-19 infection has increased the risk of people developing high blood pressure. After this, the risk of serious complications like heart disease or stroke has also increased. Researchers say that people who have recently been infected with corona need to take special precautions regarding the serious health complications caused by it.

People who have recovered from the infection should also get their blood pressure checked as a precautionary measure, so that the problem can be detected in time.

High blood pressure problem in infected

In research published by the American Heart Association in the journal Hypertension, the team of scientists said that the problem of hypertension is increasing rapidly globally. For this study, data of more than 45,000 people suffering from covid was analyzed from March 2020 to August 2022. None of the participants had a history of high blood pressure earlier. People who returned from the hospital were followed for an average of 6 months, looking at whether they needed to go back to the hospital after recovering from the infection.

What did the study find?

In evaluating the side effects of corona on health, the team of scientists found that people who had corona infection and also needed hospitalization, the risk of developing high blood pressure problem was up to two times higher in such people. seen. On the other hand, people who had corona infection but did not need to be hospitalized, this risk was seen one and a half times more.

For example, almost all people who are victims of corona infection may be at risk of developing this disease.

What do health experts say?

The highest risk is being reported in people 40 years of age or older, the researchers said. Apart from this, those who had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), coronary artery disease or chronic kidney disease were also at higher risk. The problem of high blood pressure can also increase the complications of these diseases.

In addition to the virus itself, other aspects of the pandemic also increased the risk of hypertension, the authors said. The condition of hypertension has been considered as the main reason for the risk of heart diseases, which can also have fatal side effects.

Get your blood pressure checked as a precaution

In conclusion of the study, health experts say, Covid-19 has been considered a risk factor for heart diseases since the beginning. High blood pressure can damage the heart, due to which the risk of heart attack also increases.

Health experts say that people who have recovered from Corona should, as a precaution, get themselves checked for problems caused by it such as high blood pressure and heart health, so that the risks can be detected in time. Any person suffering from corona infection may be at risk of post-covid, so it is important for everyone to remain cautious.

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