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Do not ignore these symptoms seen in children, health problems will increase.

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Children suffer the most from constipation because they often run away from nutritious food and consume too much of outside food. Often people think that constipation is a disease of elders but it is not so, when small children's stomach is not cleaned, food gets stuck in the intestines and the stomach also starts bloating, then he has the problem of constipation. 

There is no age or one reason behind this. Stomach or liver problems, drinking less water, eating unhealthy food, consuming fried foods or refined flour or junk food are not digested quickly in the stomach. In such a situation, they start accumulating inside as dirt and then there is difficulty in passing stool.

The digestive power of many children is weak since childhood, due to this also this problem occurs. Apart from this, many other reasons can also be involved in this, nowadays children have a lot of study stress, in such a situation they do not get time to play outside and do exercise and this disease starts growing.

Identifying symptoms

In this, there is pain in the stomach and the stomach remains tight. Stool does not pass. Headache, indigestion, pain in legs and gas or acidity in the stomach persist.

Know the solution also

If you give your child a banana mixed with lukewarm milk every day, his stomach will remain clean. Apart from this, if turmeric or honey is mixed in milk and given to the child, his stomach will be clean and stool will also pass easily. Feed children a bowl full of salad or fruits in the morning or lunch.

Food items like oats, millet rotis, soup, isabgol etc. contain plenty of fiber, hence include them in the diet of children.

You can also mix soaked figs or almonds in milk and give them to the child every morning. If you want, you can also give boiled figs. This provides relief from constipation. According to experts, giving Triphala powder with water to children at night also helps in cleaning their stomach and keeps the digestion process healthy.

Take special care of some things

Exercising helps in digestion and cleans the stomach easily without any problem. It is important for the child to do some physical activity or exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. You can do walking, playing, yoga, running, dance or aerobics etc.

Keep the child away from milk or dairy products. Flour, outside things, oil, pizza burgers, all these things stick in the intestines, so keep the child's diet free from them.

Do not give children too much fat in their food, give only vitamin rich food.

If this problem persists for a long time, contact a doctor immediately.

Ghee or oil massage

Children whose digestive fire is weak since childhood, their digestion process is slow and there is difficulty in defecation. If this is the case, then massage with ghee or oil is very effective.

Massaging around the stomach or navel in a clockwise manner helps in opening the intestines and loosening the stool. Apart from this, you can mix lemon and honey in lukewarm water and give it to drink. And education is also very useful in this. Many times children do not want to do or eat much, in such a situation parents have to find solutions.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of information collected from medical reports from various sources of internet

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