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Men's Health Information

Many changes take place over time in men's bodies and health. The development of body parts of men and some of the hormones produced in the body are also different from women. In such a situation, some health problems of men are also different from women. As the age increases, so do the physical and mental changes in men. These changes can be positive as well as negative in nature. In such a situation, it is not easy for everyone to accept them. Some of the special diseases that occur in men are as follows.

Irritable male syndrome or IMS

IMS stands for Irritable Men's Syndrome. Due to this problem, the mood of men remains bad. It affects the nature of man. He feels sad and alone. Sometimes they fall prey to irritability and sometimes they find themselves unrecognized. Due to this problem, negative changes start coming into their mind and wrong thoughts surround them.

Prostate Cancer in Men

More cases are reported in men due to prostate cancer. In men, this problem starts arising due to the wrong habits adopted in the lifestyle. In such a situation, the man should have complete information about them.

Osteoporosis in Men

Calcium deficiency starts in the body of women after 30 and in men after the age of 45 to 50 years. In such a situation, they have to face problems like joint pain, bone pain, muscle strain etc.

Male Menopause

Those who think that the menopause problem is only related to women are wrong. Let us tell you that this problem is also seen in men of one age. The only difference is that the building stops during periods in women, while men are not prone to bleeding, so the situation is normal for them.

Hair Loss Problem in Men or Male Pattern Baldness
This is a problem that seems to be common in men. Due to this problem, men are not only unhappy but their morale also breaks down. Their self-confidence also weakens due to this problem.

Most Common Men's Health Issues:

*Cardiovascular Disease in Men
*Liver Diseases in Men
*Respiratory Diseases in Men
*Depression and Anxiety in Men and Other Mental Problems Faced by Men
*HIV and AIDS in Men
*Low Sperm Count in Males
*Hair Loss in Men
*Male Infertility

Health screenings & tests for men

Men who think that they are fit and have no problem, let them know that some problems are detected after 40 years of age. So don't wait for 40. Men aged 20 to 39 must do this checkup-

Blood Pressure Test: Men should have their blood pressure checked at least once in 2 years. By doing this, they will know in advance whether those blood pressure is high or low and can also stay away from problems related to heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, etc.

Cholesterol Test: Men should start testing for cholesterol between the ages of 20 and 35. There is no need to do this test again and again. Men can get this test done once in 5 years. By doing this, your cholesterol level will be controlled. By doing this you can avoid other problems.

Diabetes Test: Diabetes is such a problem due to a poor lifestyle. In such a situation, whose blood pressure remains high, he may be at higher risk of diabetes.

Dental Checkup: Due to the problem in the teeth, people ignore it. According to the dentist, dental problems can also affect your heart, so get a dental checkup done once or twice a year.

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