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PCOD: Reasons and Symptoms

Nowadays a problem related to women's health is increasing very fast, which you and we know by the name of PCOD. Due to this PCOD, thousands of women are not able to get pregnant in today's time.

PCOD i.e. Polycystic Ovary Disease makes women troubled both physically and mentally. Due to this problem, women firstly have problems of fatigue and stress, their periods are disturbed, due to hormonal changes, other diseases start surrounding and then they also have difficulty in becoming a mother. How to avoid the disease and recognize its symptoms.
Why is PCOD disease caused?
No one main cause of this disease has been clear yet. But it is definitely clear that disturbances in our daily living habits and eating habits are one of the reasons for this disease.
Experts believe that the rapidly increasing stress and changed lifestyle in our life are the causes of this disease. Because due to stress and lifestyle changes, the biological clock of our body gets disturbed. Due to this, we start getting sick not only physically but also mentally.
In today's time, it has become common to wake up late at night and then sleep till late in the day. Whereas by doing this the secretion of hormones in our body is badly affected. This is the reason that obesity and depression are increasing rapidly in our society along with PCOD.

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The increasing interest of women regarding smoking and alcohol is under suspicion as the main cause of PCOD. Because due to both these reasons, the level of hormones in the body of women gets disturbed. Simultaneously, a few ladies likewise have this issue because of innate reasons.

Symptoms of PCOD
Earlier, women had to face the problem of PCOD only after getting married at a late age, but now girls are suffering from this problem only after their teenage.

It is not necessary that the symptoms of PCOD are the same in every girl or woman. One may have problems with hair growth on the face or thick hair may grow on other parts of the body. So someone can have a lot of pain during periods or there may be a problem of bleeding too much.

These two problems can happen together or either of them. Whereas due to PCOD, some women see symptoms like not having periods on time. Their periods often come prematurely or in most cases only after the date has passed.

Although it is normal to have periods a week before or a week later, in those women whose cycle always falls in this rhythm. If this problem has started suddenly with you then you should definitely talk to the doctor.

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