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What Is The Artificial Heart (L.A.V.D.)

Honey Zawad Mohammad had heart failure. It was also difficult to survive, but his damaged heart has started working again. 

Zawad's heart is beating on its own, not on the machine, so doctors have removed the artificial heart placed on his chest. There have been only two or three such cases in the world when someone has been implanted with an artificial heart and after a few days his own heart starts working so well that he no longer needs that machine. Doctors claim that this has happened for the first time in India.

According to doctors, the patient is a citizen of Iraq, he came to India for treatment in 2018. Was in bed, couldn't even walk. The patient was given a list in waiting for a heart transplant but getting a heart through cadaver donation is not so easy. Thousands of people are waiting. In such a situation, artificial heart i.e. Left Ventricle Assist Device (LAVD) was installed to save his life. After three years, now his own heart has started working and it too has started doing so much that now there is no need of artificial heart.

So the point to note here is that for three years this patient was alive on the artificial heart, however after 3 years his own heart started working. After all, how did this machine keep the patient alive in these three years? Today's discussion will be done on this Artificial Heart (LAVD).

What is this artificial heart?

VAD or Ventricular Assist Device A ventricular assist device (VAD) is a type of pump. This allows blood from the lower chambers of the heart (the ventricles) to reach other parts of the body. VAD is used when there is no other option to keep the heart alive. This device is called Heart Mat-2. Nowadays its new version Heart Mat-3 is also available. It is implanted just below the diaphragm of the original heart of the patient. VADs can be placed on the right or left side of the heart, or both. So far, most of the cases have been seen from the left side only. Left ventricular assist devices (LVADs), right ventricular assist devices, or RVADs, and biventricular assist devices fitted in both chambers devices, or BIVADs).

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How does an artificial heart work?

The device works in the same way as a pump. Which draws blood out of the left side of the heart. It is connected to the external portable system through a cable. For this, the cable is removed by making an incision in the abdomen. This external device consists of a battery and a controller. For this reason the patient has to carry a bag. It is very important to change the battery from time to time for the device to function properly.

Heart transplant surgery is a problem related to the heart, which is not considered a difficult surgery in today's time, but earlier this surgery was considered a rare type of surgery. It was also a very difficult task to think of a heart donor for the artificial heart.

Heart transplant surgery may be needed when the heart is unable to pump properly. That is, it is also very important to find a heart donor in such a case, otherwise this surgery may not be possible. With the help of artificial heart, the work of pumping blood starts happening smoothly. It is not that the doctor has put an artificial heart and it is done. Rather, the patient always has to carry a machine with him and at the same time he has to follow the advice given by the doctor. The cost of artificial heart is also very high.

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