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Why Does Blood Cancer Occur?

It is known to all that cancer is an incurable disease and if it is not treated in time, then a person cannot avoid death and if it is recognized and treated on time, cancer can be controlled.

Cancer is considered a life-threatening disease because the disease is not detected in the beginning and till it is detected, it becomes a challenge to prevent it. Some early indications begin showing up after an individual has malignancy, yet individuals don't approach them in a serious way and stay away from it.

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Why does blood cancer occur?

There is no age limit for getting blood cancer, it can happen at any age. When blood cancer occurs, the cancer cells i.e. cells do not allow blood to form in the person's body, due to which the person starts losing blood. Along with the blood of the body, cancer also damages the bone marrow of the person.

Types of blood cancer


This is the primary and major type of blood cancer, in which the number of white blood cells is much higher than that of red blood cells. It is generally seen that in some people, leukemia cancer starts slowly and later it becomes dangerous.

Leukemia cancer is also of many types and people are unaware of it. There are 4 main types of leukemia cancer:

Acute Leukemia: When the blood and Mauro's cells start growing and accumulating rapidly, then the same condition is called Acute Leukemia. These cells very quickly start accumulating in the bone marrow.

Chronic Leukemia: When there is a process of formation of some undeveloped cells in the body in addition to the rest of the cells, it is called chronic leukemia. Chronic leukemia also progresses over time and if left untreated, it can make the condition very serious.

Lymphocytic Leukemia: This is a condition in which the cells in the bone marrow start turning into white blood cells.

Myelogenous Leukemia: When platelets are produced by Mauro cells in addition to red blood cells and white blade cells, it is called myelogenous leukemia.

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Apart from this, there are some other types of blood:

Lymphoma: When there is a rapid growth of lymphocytes in the human body, then such a symptom is called Lymphoma. It has been seen that, it is treated with medicines and radiation therapy and it has also been successful but if it is ignored then surgery is the only way to avoid it.
Myeloma: In this type of cancer, the plasma cells of the person are affected, due to which his immunity decreases. which keeps on decreasing.

What are the initial symptoms?

Patients affected by blood cancer often feel tired and weak. The reason for this is the lack of red blood cells in the blood of the person and due to this there is an anemia in the person. Swelling occurs in the stomach of the patient, due to which there is a feeling of pain in bowel movements, as well as loss of appetite.

Keep in mind that if blood cancer has started, then many problems start in the patient's mouth, throat, skin and lungs. symptoms.

Assuming blood cancer/malignant growth has entered the patient's body, the patient might have fever regularly and it can happen over and over. Experiencing pain in bones, muscles is also an early symptom of blood cancer.

Apart from this, the complaint of migraine pain in the early stage of blood cancer has also been seen in many people. Along with this, sudden vomiting or diarrhea, itching in the skin, complaints of spots and swelling of the jaws and bleeding have also been counted among the early symptoms of blood cancer.

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Treatment of blood cancer

Any type of cancer, there must be stage in it, such as first, second and advanced stage. Here is the difference between blood cancer and other cancers. It is an important challenge for the doctor to know that how did the blood cancer occurred in the patient?

In any case, innovation and current medication have made it conceivable. Now such medicines have come which can identify its beginning. It can be found out from which cell the cancer grew and through treatment, that cell itself is eliminated and this modern therapy is called chemotherapy.

Don't be careless to get it diagnosed

It has often been seen that platelets are reduced in blood cancer and the patient has to offer platelets and there is a challenge in that whether the patient's body is able to accept it or not. Because these platelets then decrease. On the off chance that the platelets in the patient are under 25 thousand, it is a big deal. If the platelets in the patient are more than 30 thousand, then there is nothing to worry about at the moment.

One thing is worth noting here that it is very important to work properly with the machines by which cancer screening is being done at present. In a country like India, it has often happened that many hospitals do not replace the machines even if they are not working properly.

One reason for this is also the cost of machines. Still, life should not be a deal. In government hospitals, the situation is still fine, but private hospitals often do this carelessness, and the result is that the report is wrong and the patient's disease keeps on increasing. In such a situation, those patients who start treatment on time, still they are cheated.

In blood cancer, it becomes more serious. If the blood test is not correct, then the platelets form lumps in the body and due to this the platelets count shows more in the machine. So always remember that whenever you get the test done, get it done from a certified lab.

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