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Remove Dental Problems with These Tricks

Dental problems are one such problem that can happen to anyone at any time. The reason for which is not taking proper care and cleaning of the teeth.

Due to which the problem of swelling, rot, etc. arises in them. Subsequently, this issue ought to be treated at the earliest opportunity. Today we will let you know to make teeth shiny and strong with some natural remedies.

Do kill bacteria- (Use Clove)-
Clove is considered the best remedy for toothache. Apart from this, clove is also used to keep the body healthy. Clove has special properties. Due to which toothache and bacteria end. For this, keep 1 clove on the painful area of ​​your teeth. By doing this, the toothache will gradually subside.

Mouth odor relief (Use Arishth {Neem})-
While neem leaves keep infection away, neem teeth are a panacea for teeth. The bacteria present on the teeth and in the mouth is the biggest cause of bad breath. In such a situation, neem teeth are very beneficial in eliminating all the bacteria. This not only strengthens the teeth, but at the same time eliminates the possibility of getting worms in them.

Pain relief ( Mustard oil with salt)-
If the teeth have started moving, then every day in the morning, mix mustard oil with salt and clean your teeth with it and apply it on the painful area. After this, massage the teeth with light hands. You will see the difference in a few days.

Use acacia bark-
If there is bleeding and swelling in your gums, then the bark of acacia is the most effective remedy. For this, make a decoction of acacia thrice daily and gargle. Make a powder by taking equal quantity of its leaves, flowers and buds and cleaning the teeth daily with this powder will cure all the diseases of the teeth.

Remove yellowness (Use Basil)-
There are many benefits of basil for teeth. If you have yellowness in your teeth, then dry basil leaves in the sun and make a powder of it, then mixing the powder in toothpaste and brushing it daily makes the teeth shine. Apart from this, after making powder after drying orange peel and basil leaves, massage the teeth with the powder. This will remove the yellowing of the teeth.

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