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Panting Symptoms Causes And Prevention

The condition of breathing more than usual in 1 minute is called gasping or breathlessness. This process of rapid breathing is called hyperventilation in English. During conditions like heart failure, lung infection, suffocation, etc., symptoms like gasping are seen in the person. Actually, shortness of breath is not a disease, although it can definitely be a symptom of some major diseases.

Causes of shortness of breath-
It is a common disease associated with the lungs, in which problems such as inflammation of the airways in bronchitis and destruction of the small air sacs present in the lungs in emphysema arise.

Quick breathing can likewise be a manifestation of an asthma assault. Let us tell you that due to swelling in the respiratory tract, a person may have trouble breathing.

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-Lack of water in the body-
When there is a lack of water in the body, the way of breathing also changes. Because of the absence of water, the cells of the body don't get sufficient energy and the individual turns into a casualty of parchedness and heaves.

-Blood clots-
At the point when an individual has an aspiratory embolism issue, blood clusters begin framing in the lungs, because of which the individual beginnings griping of chest torment, fast heartbeat, windedness.

Sicknesses that contaminate the lungs, like pneumonia, cause an individual to experience issues relaxing. Because of which the individual beginnings feeling winded. Assuming this sort of contamination isn't treated for quite a while, the lungs load up with liquid and the individual can foster trouble in relaxing.

Symptoms of shortness of breath-
- Burning sensation in the throat and burning sensation in lungs.
- watery eyes
- sound when breathing
- rapid heart rate

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How to rescue
* Avoid consuming habits that damage the lungs, such as alcohol and smoking.
* The problem of gasping can be overcome by doing simple pranayama like Kapalbhati, Pranayama, Anulom Vilom Pranayama.
* Regular exercise can also prevent the problem of hyperventilation.
* If you feel like having a panic attack, contact your doctor immediately.

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