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Five Diseases Can be Caused Due to Indigestion

The problem of not digesting food properly (dyspepsia) is very common. Sometimes your digestive system is unable to digest food properly due to overeating, heavy and oily-spicy food, wrong eating or other reasons. 

Apart from this, if all the enzymes present in the liver do not do their work properly, then there is a problem of indigestion, which is very painful. Gas formation, burning in the stomach, acidity are all symptoms of indigestion. If you consider the problem of indigestion as a common problem, then it may be your mistake because due to indigestion, the risk of many other diseases increases.

Indigestion can cause these diseases

*Skin infection and acne
*Fatigue and mood disorders
Cause of stomach problems

It is your digestive system that determines what nutrients you get from your food and which toxins you are able to remove from the body. That is, the control of our overall health depends on our digestive system somewhere. Our internal health involves proper digestion, proper absorption and proper breakdown of food. Our liver releases many toxic substances into bile as a byproduct of metabolism. And if this thing shows the opposite effect, then you can become a victim of constipation, and due to constipation, the toxic elements in your body increase.

Indigestion can also happen due to these reasons

If the amount of fiber in your food is low and the amount of sugar is high, then you may have digestive problems. Nutrient deficiencies and a high-calorie diet can lead to increased levels of bad bacteria in your body, which can damage the intestinal ecosystem.

It is not good if you overuse such medicines which can interfere with the normal digestive system. Excess use of medicines like aspirin and prilosec can spoil the digestive system.
An increase in the level of mercury and mold toxin can disturb your digestive system.
Your nervous system can also get upset due to stress, this can lead to poor digestion as well as upset the balance of bacteria in the gut.

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Bacteria in the digestive tract

There are five hundred species of bacteria present in our stomach, which help in digestion of food. Along with this, these bacteria are also helpful in balancing hormones, flushing out toxins and producing vitamins and other healing elements, thereby keeping your digestive system and body healthy. For good health, it is necessary that this ecosystem should also be in balance.

If the level of bad bacteria like parasites or yeast increases in your body or good bacteria like lactobacillus or bifidobacteria decrease then your health can deteriorate. So the right balance of bacteria is very important for proper digestion and good health.

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