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People on desk jobs have 20% higher risk of heart attack

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Cardiovascular disease is one of the most commonly reported diseases globally over the past decade. Health experts say that surprisingly it has been seen that the cases of life-threatening problems like heart disease and heart attack have increased very rapidly in the last few years among the youth. This danger is being seen even more in those people who have a desk job, that is, those who spend 7-8 hours of the day sitting in the office.

A study conducted by researchers has found that the risk of stroke or heart attack is also significantly higher in such people compared to other people.

Researchers say that although an inactive lifestyle has increased the risk of many types of diseases, cases of heart disease are also being seen significantly more in this. All office going people need to keep taking preventive measures keeping this danger in mind. The danger that your unhealthy lifestyle is seriously affecting heart health should not be overlooked. Let us know what measures experts have advised to take to prevent it?

What did the study find?

A study was conducted by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College to find out the increased risk of heart diseases among people working desk jobs in the office. In this, experts found that workers whose jobs involve sitting at a desk for eight to nine hours a day may be 20% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke.

Throughout 11 years, the scientists analyzed the records of 105,677 individuals from 21 nations. By the end of the study, more than 6,200 people had died, of which 2,300 had heart attacks, 3,000 had strokes and 700 had heart failure.

Many dangers of prolonged sitting habit

The researchers said that the habit of sitting for a long time has increased many problems. Adding physical activity to your routine by reducing the amount of time you spend at your desk can provide you with the same benefits as quitting cigarettes.

From India's point of view too, it is a rapidly growing threat. India accounts for 60% of all heart disease cases worldwide. Apart from heart diseases, prolonged sitting also affects physical posture, mental health and stress levels.

What does the American Heart Association say?

In view of the increasing global risk of heart diseases, recently the American Heart Association has told about ways to reduce it. Health experts said that the most common cases of lack of sleep are being seen in most heart patients. Cases of lack of sleep along with a sedentary lifestyle increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases manifold. In such a situation, if we all pay attention to daily exercise and getting good sleep, then it can help in reducing the risk of heart problems to a great extent.

What is the advice of experts?

Experts from the American Heart Association say that along with improving the quality and duration of sleep, making a habit of yoga-exercise daily can reduce the cases of heart disease by 80 percent. People who spend most of their day sitting, they should keep a few things in mind.

After a while, get up from the place and keep walking. Make it a habit to do simple stretches and climb stairs during breaks, this can help reduce problems. To reduce the risk of heart diseases, also take special care of the diet, avoid high fat things. Make it a habit to walk daily after the holiday. The most important thing is to make a habit of climbing the stairs instead of the lift to go to the office.

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