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Why running is important to be fit

Benefits of running || 
In terms of fitness, no exercise is considered better than running. From school activities to fitness-related workout sessions, running is given a lot of importance. Experts believe that health can be greatly improved by including running in your daily life. If you are not able to exercise daily for some reason, then with the help of running two to three days a week, you can stay healthy. Till now you must have heard about daily running or jogging, but you may not know about its benefits. Today in this article, we are telling you about the benefits of running daily and the various changes that come with it in the body.

(1)- What is the difference between running and jogging?
You must have often heard from people that I am going for jogging or I am going for running. Do you know that there is a difference between jogging and running? Running means that there is more speed in running and more calories are spent in running, while jogging consumes less calories than running. Running and jogging are both physical activities, after which one feels energy. Whenever you think of running, it is better that you start with jogging.

If you start out with jogging, you can get off to a good start by expending fewer calories. Before jogging, you should take care of some things.

** If you are starting jogging in the morning, then sleep well at night, so that you do not experience any kind of fatigue in the morning.

** Before jogging, you must do warm-up so that you do not have problems. When the body has to be prepared for the race, first light exercise ie warm-up plays an important role.

** Do jogging as much as you can on the first day. Excess jogging can make you very tired. You can gradually increase the distance.

** Carry a water bottle with you if you are jogging for long distances. You will sweat during jogging and you may also feel weak if you do not drink water. If you want, you can also take energy drinks instead of water.

(2)- Some important information about running

** Do warm-up before running.
** Walk for some distance first and then start running.
** How many kilometers to run daily?
** Choose the right time to run like morning or evening

(3)- What are the benefits of running?
According to a research, by running only 5 to 10 minutes daily, you can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack. Running gives exercise to all parts of the body in general. This is the only activity after which you can stay fit even if you do not do any other exercise. Running is classified as a high impact exercise. Instead of running for an hour every day, if you do this 4 days a week, then you can get many benefits. However, running excessively can harm you. It depends on you, how many hours or how many kilometers your body is capable of running in a day. Benefits of running can benefit your body in many ways.

Benefits of running: The heart benefits
Among the benefits of running daily, mainly the benefits related to the heart are the most. Today the death toll due to heart attack has increased significantly. Every day some such incident comes to the fore, in which the cause of death is found to be heart attack. According to experts, just running for 5 to 10 minutes a day can give you many health benefits. The benefits of running daily for the heart are as follows.

Benefits of running: Reduces the risk of heart attack
By running, the blood flow in the arteries properly and you get enough oxygen to the heart. Obviously, this automatically reduces the risk of heart attack. One of the benefits of daily running is that it reduces the risk of heart-related diseases. If you make a habit of running regularly in the morning and evening, then it can give you a lot of benefits in terms of health.

Benefits of running: Preventing Alzheimer's by running
Alzheimer's is a disease in which a person does not remember the things of his daily life. In the beginning, a person does not care only about some things, but gradually he starts forgetting the people around him as well. According to researchers, daily running can also be beneficial to avoid this disease. This is also one of the benefits of running daily.

Benefits of running: The risk of cancer is reduced by running
A recent research has found that a person who runs daily has a much lower risk of getting cancer than those who do not run. However, a lot of research is needed on how running can control diseases like cancer. But even if 1% happens like this then there is no harm in running daily. You all are well aware that cancer is a deadly disease. Therefore, make a habit of running daily so that you can be safe from this disease to some extent.

Benefits of running: Running makes you sleep better
One of the benefits of running daily is related to your sleep. Nowadays people usually have the problem of sleeplessness. Some because of tension or stress and some because of problems in work. According to a research, the habit of running daily can prove beneficial in removing the problem of sleeplessness. After running, the body feels relaxed and gets good sleep.

Benefits of running: It will be easy to lose weight
You know many benefits of running, but do you know that daily running helps in reducing weight. If you have gained a lot of weight then you can go running. To run, you should know how many calories you will burn by running. You can also take the help of a treadmill to burn calories. By doing this, you will get the information of calories burned along with kilometers. If you run for an hour every day, then you burn about 850 calories.

Now you yourself can understand that by running daily, the body fat starts decreasing gradually. If you have any kind of health condition, then definitely consult a doctor before running or any exercise. Running should be done slowly and then you can increase its time gradually. For those who have problems with belly fat, running can also prove to be beneficial. If attention is paid to the diet and running is done three to four days a week, then belly fat can be reduced.

Benefits of Running: Running to Tone Thais
Running not only reduces weight but also works to tone the legs. If you want to tone your muscles, then you must do running. You must have noticed that those who do not exercise, their thighs become very thick and excess fat starts appearing in it. If you do not want to see much fat in your Thai, then you must do running three to four times a week for a certain amount of time. For some time you will start seeing the effect on its own.

Running Benefits: If diabetes is a problem then running will benefit
You must have heard that when a person has diabetes problem or diabetes, then the doctor advises him to jog or run. It is true that regular jogging or running keeps blood sugar under control. If you start with regular walk then you can get a lot of benefit. If you want, you can consult a doctor for more information about this.

Running will keep mental problems away
According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), running is good for physical health as well as mental health. Due to running, along with blood circulation in the brain, hormone levels are also better, so that you can feel good. Therefore, problems like depression can also be avoided by running regularly. If you feel any physical discomfort while running or running, contact a health expert.

Benefits of running include being tension free
Tension or tension serves to feast on any physical discomfort. Therefore, to stay away from any such physical problem, make a habit of running or jogging regularly.

Benefits of running include better digestion
According to research, if a person is not physically active, then there may be a problem of constipation. So make a habit of running daily and avoid the problem of constipation. Therefore, running is also considered beneficial for better digestion.

Cholesterol remains balanced
Running helps you in keeping the cholesterol level balanced. Running for a healthy person along with keeping them healthy also works to keep their cholesterol level balanced.

Immune power is strong
We all want to strengthen our immunity power, which if understood in common language means strengthening immunity. The way healthy food helps you to make the immune power strong, in the same way, running daily also helps you to keep immunity strong. Due to running, the problem of respiratory viral infection is removed and you get the benefits of running.

(4)- Is it completely safe to run daily?
If you are going to include the habit of running inside yourself for the first time, then before that you must keep some things in mind. Because the effect of running is on your whole body, so if you are going to start then definitely keep important things in mind. Running more than a limited time daily can also prove to be harmful for you. Along with this, not following the correct process of running can also cause injury to you. Make sure you do these things before running.

** Never run for more than 2 minutes on the first day, it is also considered necessary to do a little warm-up before running.

** Be sure to run at least 3 or 5 days a week.

** You can increase your running capacity in daily or weekly basis by kilometer or by time.

** Running too much in a single day can cause problems.

** If you want running benefits, then it is also considered necessary to use good shoes while running. If the shoes are not comfortable, your feet may swell or even hurt. Do not wear tight shoes and choose good socks with shoes.

** It is also necessary to take care of the correct posture and direction for running.

** On the very first day, it is considered better to walk with fast steps instead of running fast. After that you can gradually increase your speed.

** If you do long route walking, don't always run in the same path.

** Do not go running on a road where there is traffic or vehicles are moving more.

** Whether you go for morning running, evening running or jogging, set a time to go and come back and do not talk while running or jogging. If you are fond of music, then you can do this activity while listening to the song. But during this, keep in mind that the sound of the song should not be too loud. Because excessively loud sound is not good for the ears, then due to the loud sound, you will not even get to know about the external speed methods of the place where you are running.

** Before going for running or jogging, during running and after running protect the body from getting dehydrated and drink as much water as possible.

** Do not consume excessive foods before running.

** To stay fit, the way you are adding or doing running in your daily routine, then follow a healthy diet plan.

** You must carry your mobile phone with you. Because if needed, you can definitely call your family members or any close relative.

** If you get hurt while running, contact your doctor without delay.

(5)- Which people should refrain from running?
Running is beneficial for health, but people suffering from certain physical problems should avoid running. like:

** Heart problems or

** Any other respiratory problem such as asthma

(6)- What kind of foods or beverages should be consumed?
So that the body gets better benefits of running, special care should be taken on food and drink. According to research, consuming the following food or substances is considered beneficial. like:

** Green vegetables
** Fresh fruit
** Bins
** Nuts
** Eating meat (if you are non-vegetarian) or grilled chicken is more beneficial.
** Avoid or minimize sugar intake
** Eat foods that are high in carbs and protein
** Chocolate milk can be consumed after running
** The purpose of running is different for every person, like some people run to lose weight, some people run to pass in a competitive exam or run so that they do not gain any weight. Therefore, if you do running for a specific purpose, then definitely understand the diet plan from the dietician for better benefits.

We hope that you have got the necessary information through this article about the benefits of running. Running is good for health. If you feel helpless or sick while running, inform your doctor immediately. Running in some health conditions can be harmful to the body. You can visit Total Health Solutions website for more health-related information. If you have any queries in your mind then you can ask questions in the comment box.

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