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Heart diseases are increasing at an early age, A solution reduces the risk

Heart attack in young age ||Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is viewed as one of the main sources of death around the world. Assuming we take a gander at the measurements, an expected 17.9 million individuals passed on from CVD in the year 2019, which is 32% of the complete worldwide passings. 85% of these passings were because of cardiovascular failure and stroke. The serious thing is that even younger people are becoming increasingly vulnerable to heart diseases. The menace is increasing in India as well, from actor Siddharth Shukla to the recent death of singer KK due to heart-related problems at an early age.

Experts in the study recommend all people to follow dietary and lifestyle measures to avoid this risk. Experts say that many of our bad habits increase the risk of heart diseases. In an analysis done to reduce the related risks, scientists from the British Heart Foundation have told about a simple solution, which can be used to reduce the risk of heart diseases by 35 percent. Experts say that from children to the elderly, everyone needs to pay serious attention to this. Let us understand this in detail further.

increased risk of physical inactivity

Researchers from the British Heart Foundation say that the way the world has seen an unexpected jump in cases of heart diseases in the last decade, it is a matter of concern. If we look at the reasons for this, then increasing physical inactivity among people can be seen as the main reason. In such a situation, if attention is paid to physical activity, the risk of developing heart and circulatory diseases can be reduced by 35 percent. The problem of physical inactivity is being seen in people of almost every age group.

Millions of people die every year

According to the New York Department of Health, physical inactivity is seen in about 60 percent of people 18 years of age and older in the US. Because of this, more than 7 lakh people die here annually due to coronary heart diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also been alerting people about this danger. According to the WHO, people who are physically active, exercising regularly have a 20 to 30 lower risk of death from heart diseases compared to others.

working long hours is also harmful

In a study published in Environment International, based on the latest estimates from the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization, scientists found that people who worked 55 or more hours per week had an estimated 35 percent increased risk of stroke and a 17 percent increased risk of other cardiovascular deaths. percentage is higher. Researchers say that working 35-40 hours a week is considered healthy. During this also special care should be taken of physical activity.

What to do to keep heart healthy?

Experts say that everyone should insist on reducing physical inactivity to avoid the increased risk of heart diseases. Regular activity, such as walk-running, yoga-exercise, not only helps in keeping your heart healthy, but it also helps in improving concentration and memory by keeping your mood right. Incorporating any type of aerobic exercise like walking, swimming, dancing etc. in the routine can help in keeping the heart-healthy.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of information gathered from medical reports/the internet.

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