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Obese people have a higher risk of serious disease and death

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The daily cases of corona infection in India continue to fluctuate continuously. In the last 24 hours, more than 17 thousand cases of infection were recorded once again, during which 17,070 people were found infected. 

Experts say that as the cases of infection due to Omicron and its sub-variants are increasing rapidly in the country, there is a need for all the people to keep taking preventive measures. Any carelessness taken about the protection can infect you.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, people with comorbidities and obesity have been alerted about the serious risks of infection. Statistics show that people who have been overweight have a higher risk of serious infections and ICU admission than others.

A team of experts researching the risks of obesity and Kovid-19 has made a big claim in their recent study. Researchers have reported that vaccination may play a special role in reducing the risk of infection and death in obese people. Let us know about this in further detail.

Study on the effectiveness of vaccination
In the study published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology journal, experts said that the Kovid vaccine protects people with all types of body weights from the risk of hospitalization and death. Since the beginning of the corona, overweight people have been said to be very vulnerable to severe development, but this research shows that such people can also reduce the risk of infection severity by getting vaccinated.

What did the study find?

The study was conducted on more than nine million adults in England. In this research conducted from December 8, 2020 (the date of the first vaccine given in the UK) to November 17, 2021, 566,461 of these people were tested positive. 32,808 were hospitalized and 14,389 died.

The researchers found that people who had been vaccinated despite a higher BMI had a lower risk of developing serious disease than those without. Experts say that this study once again proves the need for vaccination and its effectiveness.

Vaccine is effective on all body weights

Study author Dr Carmen Piernas, head of the Nuffield Department at the University of Oxford, UK, says the study's findings provide evidence that the Kovid-19 vaccine can be effective in saving lives in people of all body weights. Obesity has been considered one of the main reasons for the severity of corona infection, although studies show that vaccination can be very helpful in keeping such people safe from serious disease.

Study Conclusion?

In the conclusion of the study, researchers found that vaccination plays an important role in protecting people of all body weights from covid infection. However, its effect was seen to be slightly less in underweight people. The researchers said that those in the healthy and high BMI groups who had been vaccinated were found to be about 70 percent less likely to be hospitalized. Two weeks after the second dose, the risk of death from corona has also been seen to be reduced by about two-thirds.

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