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When should give water to newborn baby

There is a lot of information related to the newborn baby that some parents do not know. One of those information is that children should not be given water before 6 months. In this article you will read that from what age it is sharp to give water to children. 

Do not give water or any other liquid until the baby is 6 months old. Mother's milk is sufficient for a newborn baby. The second thing is that there are many types of infections in water, which do not harm your body because the immunity of your body is very strong and it is capable of fighting every type of infection. But the immunity of newborns is very low, due to which they can also get infection from drinking water.

Being a mother is a wonderful experience in itself. This is such a blessing of God that not everyone is lucky. But there is another side to becoming a mother. As soon as you become a mother, the responsibilities surround you.

Taking care of a newborn baby is one of the hardest jobs in the world. The first 6 months are very important from the time of the birth of the child. During this time the child needs more care. Sometimes some women who become mothers for the first time do not know that the child should not be given water before 6 months. In this article, you will know at what age it is appropriate to give water to children and why. Mother's milk contains 80 percent water which can meet every need of water in the baby.

When to give water to baby?

Like solid food, water should be given to the baby only after 6 months. Before this your baby does not need water. Or simply say that the water requirement of the child is fulfilled by the mother's milk. Giving water before 6 months is like playing with the healthy child. But as the child grows older, the production of mother's milk decreases. When the baby is 6 months old, solid food should be started. When solid food is introduced, water should also be given to the baby. Water helps in digesting solid food. When you give solid food to the baby, then also give water so that the baby can digest the food. You can give two to three teaspoons of water to your baby 4 to 5 times a day.

How to prepare baby feeding water

Do not give tap water directly to the baby. The child does not have the ability to fight infection. In such a situation, tap water can make the child sick. To prepare water to feed the baby, take water in a pot and boil it for 2 minutes. Leave the water to cool down. When the water cools down, keep it covered. Use this water to feed your baby. Do not give water to your baby more than 24 hours old. Prepare new water every day.

Why not give water to baby before 6 months?

Many parents start giving water to their child as soon as they are 6 months old. this is wrong. Do this only when the doctor advises to do so. Often such a situation occurs when the baby is not able to supply the extra milk. Feeding water to the child before 6 months increases the chances of malnutrition in the child. The water in the child is supplied by the mother's milk. Yes it is true that you will have to feed the baby several times a day. But do you also not eat food several times a day? Baby's stomach is small. That is why he needs to be fed milk several times a day every once in a while.

Can a child be given water when it is very hot? Not at all - drinking water before 6 months increases the chances of malnutrition. To quench the thirst of the child when it is very hot, he can drink milk every few minutes. Mother's milk quenches the thirst of the child and fulfills the need of water.

Why doesn't a newborn need water?

Mother's milk is usually sufficient for the baby. Colostrum (condensed milk) comes out from the mother's breast as the child is born. This milk not only keeps the baby hydrated but also protects the child from all kinds of diseases. The thing to note for the mother is that the more milk a mother feeds to her child, the more milk begins to form in her breast. This means that you can make your child drink milk at short intervals and fulfill the lack of water in his body.

What are the disadvantages of giving water to a newborn?

The problem of oral water intoxication is found in babies who are fed milk before 6 months. This infection has a bad effect on the child's brain. Feeding water before 6 months also harms the digestive system of the baby. In doing so, children may also become victims of malnutrition.

How to make up for the lack of water in the baby's body in summer?

The body of a child is not like the body of an adult. The baby's body is developing. In the summer season, the need of water is as much for the baby as by the adults. The elders fulfill their water requirement by drinking water. But babies younger than 6 months cannot drink water because it is harmful to their health. In such a situation, their lack of water can be fulfilled only by milk. In the summer season, continue to breastfeed the baby at short intervals.

Don't offer too much water in the beginning

At the end of 6 months, you should start giving water to your baby. Do not offer too much water in the beginning. The size of the baby's stomach is very small, a little milk is enough for him. By feeding too much water, the baby will not get proper nutrition of milk and baby feed. Feeding your baby on your own is the only option for the first 6 months and it is also a better option.


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