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Orange as a medicine

Everyone likes orange. This fruit is very juicy. The shade of orange is unique in relation to all products of the soil. Taste is likewise totally not the same as different natural products. All of you must have eaten the sour-sweet orange with great interest. Generally people only know that the consumption of orange is beneficial for health.

Very few people would know that orange is also used as a medicine. By consuming sour orange, it gets digested late, while raw orange is supposed to remove phlegm, bile and gout and vata. The use of orange is very beneficial for cough, cold patients and those with phlegm nature. Many of its properties have been described in detail in Ayurveda. Let us know what are the benefits of orange fruit that looks like a ball.

What is Orange?
The orange tree is always green. It is about 3-4 meters high or medium in size. It has many twigs and they are thorny. It looks like a bush. The taste of orange is sour-sweet, hot and smooth to the touch. Consumption of this fragrant fruit is energizing and common.

Orange flowers are fragrant, adorable. They are effective in reducing fever and providing strength. Urine blockage is removed by regular consumption of orange flower. Talking about the orange fruit, its shape is hemispherical or spherical and is fleshy. The unripe fruit  is dark-green in color and becomes reddish-orange or bright orange when ripe. It is supposed to remove Vata. Its utilization is valuable for the heart.

What is called orange in different languages-
Known as orange and orange throughout the country, this fruit is known by many names in the country and abroad. The botanical name of orange is Citrus reticulata (Citrus reticulata Blanco, Syn-Citrus deliciosa Ten.) and it belongs to the Rutaceae (Rutaceae) family.

Orange Benefits and Uses-
The medicinal use, quantity and methods of use of orange are as follows:-

Consumption of orange is beneficial in diseases related to skin pores-
Fry the  peel, leaves and flowers of orange fruit. Grinding it and applying it cures inflammation of the hair follicles of the body. It acts as an effective medicine in curing smelly wounds.

Beneficial in cold and flu-
Blend honey mixer and rock salt in 10-20 mg squeezed orange. By consuming it, cold, TB disease, asthma and respiratory diseases are treated.Taking 1 to 2 drops of orange fruit juice through the nose is beneficial in cold and flu. Make a decoction of 10-20 mg orange peel. Mixing 5-10 mg lemon juice in it and taking, it provides relief in cold and flu.

Benefits of orange in heart disorder-Massage the juice of orange flower on the chest. It cures many diseases related to heart. Make a decoction of the peel of orange natural product. Drinking it in 10-20 mg is beneficial in heart diseases.

Vomiting is stopped by the use of orange-
Make a powder out of dried orange peel. Along with this, make a powder by mixing equal parts of cardamom, cumin, dry ginger and green chillies. Blend rock salt in this powder (2-4 grams) and drink it with buttermilk or whey. This stops vomiting. Make a powder of orange peel and feed it in 500 mg quantity, it cures vomiting.

Consume orange in case of stomach ache-
Take 500 mg powder of peel of orange fruit. It provides benefit in the problem of stomachache and indigestion.

Use of orange beneficial in diarrhea-
Drink 10-15 mg orange fruit juice. It cures the problem of diarrhea in pregnant women. 

Benefits of using orange in urinary disease-
Blend 10-20 mg of squeezed orange in 10-15 mg of crude coconut water. Consuming it provides relief in inflammation of the bladder, inflammation of the kidney and inflammation of the urinary tract.

Benefit in arthritis-
Make a paste from orange leaves, flowers and bark. Warm it a little and apply it on the painful and swollen joints. It gives help in both swelling and agony.

Orange makes liver healthy-
Make a decoction of the peel of orange natural product. Drinking it in 10-20 mg makes the liver healthy and the activity of the liver increases.

Benefits of using orange in skin diseases -
Grind orange leaves and bark. Applying it gets rid of dandruff. This paste is also beneficial for chronic skin rashes and extremely itchy diseases like eczema. With this, general itching of the body and other skin diseases can also be treated.

Orange nail-beneficial in enhancing beauty by curing acne-
Dry and grind the peels of orange fruits. Mix rose water in it and apply it on the face. It cures acne and pimples on the face and enhances the beauty of the mouth.

Use of orange is beneficial in typhoid-
Consuming 10-20 ml juice of orange increases the body's ability to fight diseases. Its use cures diseases like typhoid fever.

Physical weakness is removed by the use of orange-
Squeeze the juice of orange flower. Putting 1-2 drops in the nose and massaging it with the juice of the flower cures itching. It also removes the weakness of the body.

Use orange for the treatment of fever and cough-
Adding salt to the juice of orange fruit and drinking it provides relief in fever and cough.

Orange increases appetite-
Make a decoction of 15-20 mg fruit peel. Mix lemon juice in it and consume it on an empty stomach in the morning. Due to this, the problem of indigestion is removed by digestion of mango dosha. Consumption of this decoction is beneficial in loss of appetite, flatulence, vomiting, diarrhea and constipation. Consuming the juice of orange fruit is beneficial in eliminating pest worms, excessive thirst, diarrhoea, bloating and dyspepsia. Make powder of dried orange peel. Along with this, make a powder by mixing equal parts of cardamom, cumin, dry ginger and green chillies. Blend rock salt in this powder (2-4 grams) and drink it with buttermilk or whey. This increases appetite.

Beneficial in diabetes-
Fry the orange peel , leaves and flowers of orange  fruit. Applying it by grinding it cures diabetes and urinary problems. 

Benefits of orange in blood disorders-
Mix 20 mg of orange juice in 5 mg of absinthe juice. Drinking it is beneficial in various types of blood disorders. The benefits of eating orange in blood related diseases are many. 

Benefits of eating orange in nervous disease-
Due to the heat and guru properties in orange, it also benefits in nervous diseases like pain etc. Also nourishes the nerves.

Benefits of eating orange in malaria-
According to a research, it has been proved that orange has anti-malarial properties which are helpful in fighting malaria. 

Controlling blood pressure-
The main reason for the worsening of blood pressure is the imbalance of Vata dosha. In such a situation, the Vata sedative properties present in orange helps in controlling blood pressure.

Beneficial in the treatment of cancer-
According to a research, anti-carcinogenic properties are also found in orange. Due to this, it is also helpful in reducing the symptoms of cancer from the body.

Beneficial orange for eyes-
According to a research, due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in orange, it also helps in relieving problems like burning and itching in the eyes.

Orange gives relief from depression or depression-
Depression is also a vata ailment which occurs due to imbalance of vata dosha. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties found in orange, it also benefits in this condition.

Orange is beneficial in the treatment of digestive system disorders-
Giving orange fruit juice (5-10 mg) daily to a small child cures stomach and intestinal diseases. This increases the child's ability to fight disease.

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