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How to be fit

We are going to tell in this article that how you can keep yourself physically and mentally fit, what are the ways to stay fit, what should we keep in mind, what should we include in our diet.

Today's time has changed a lot from our old times, earlier we used to work a lot physically but now due to change in technology and means, we are not able to work as much physically. In today's run-of-the-mill life, neither people have much time nor do they take care of their health, so gradually we start getting many diseases too, our obesity starts increasing.

The justification expanding weight is our off-base eating routine, not working out, devouring all the more slick things, all these are harmful for us and due to this our digestive system also starts reading weak. Therefore, we should take some time out of our busy life and pay attention to keep our health healthy or fit.

If you are physically and mentally fit then you will work all day long and will not feel tired. Being fit gives us many benefits such as you will not feel tired, will stand out in the crowd of people, will be active, will be energetic and will also be saved from many minor diseases.

To stay fit, we have to take care of some things and have to include them in our daily routine, so let's know in detail.

Amazing tips to stay fit-
To stay fit, we have to take care of some of the tips, which you can adopt in your busy life to keep yourself attractive, fit, energetic, and always active.

1. Must drink water –

Drinking water has many invaluable benefits for our health. By drinking water in the right amount every day, it detoxifies our body and removes the toxic elements from our body through urine.Drinking water is beneficial in our digestive system, brain, muscles, weight loss, immune system, energy, giving a new glow to the skin, hair care. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and if you boil water and drink it then it is even better.

Because by boiling water, the germs inside it are destroyed and we get pure water. By drinking water, we do not even have the problem of dehydration in summer. Drinking enough water every day keeps our body fit because water has all the qualities you need to stay fit. The unnecessary fat that accumulates on our body is also gradually reduced and the body also gets detoxified. We do not feel tired, we feel completely fresh and we are active throughout the day, so you must start your day by drinking water.

2. Must Wake Up Early In The Morning -
To stay fit, we should get up early in the morning, it gives us both physical and mental benefits. In the morning we should get up before sunrise i.e. between 4:00 and 5:00. Waking up in the morning gives us clean and pure oxygen which is very good for our lungs and our lungs remain healthy.

Get up in the morning, do some exercise, jogging, running, which will increase the circulation of blood in your body and you will feel energetic from inside. Waking up early in the morning is very important to keep our fitness fit because if we wake up in the morning and do a workout of 15 to 20 minutes, then it will keep you fit and active throughout the day.

3. Jogging or running -
Jogging or running early in the morning is best for our health and it has many benefits for our health. As your muscles, bones remain strong, blood circulation increases in the body, due to which our heart remains healthy.  Digestive problems are also removed, we feel refreshed throughout the day, and also end our day's work style with activity.

We also get very good sleep at night, we also lose weight and we can also reduce our body mass index (BMI).

4. Cycling or Gym-
If you wake up early in the morning, go to the gym or do cycling, then our body has many benefits.

Many people go to the gym in the morning, many people also go to the gym in the evening, but many fitness gurus say that it is very beneficial for us to exercise in the morning. There are many benefits to our body by doing gym, such as we feel active throughout the day, our obesity or weight also decreases gradually or we keep it balanced.

By doing regular gym, we also do not have diabetes, blood pressure, heart related diseases, we remain free from stress and anxiety. Gym is also very good for sex life because it increases our physical strength and keeps us fit. If you do gym or cycling every day with a daily routine then you will always be fit and stand out from the crowd.

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5. Meditation or Meditation–
We should also adopt meditation in our life, meditation or meditation is such a process that removes your tension from inside you and removes the disturbance of the mind inside you.

In today's run-of-the-mill life, we are busy with our own work throughout the day, sometimes we also get anxiety, unrest, anger, irritability from those works. But if you take some time out of your busy life for meditation, then it will be of many benefits to you. Meditation is a process by which we can control ourselves. Due to which our life is easy, full of happiness, full of confidence.

Swami Vivekananda has said that you will not be able to believe in God unless you believe in yourself. T
herefore, if you want to listen to the soul within you, recognize it, feel it, then you must do meditation. Due to this, you remain physically and mentally fit in a way.

6. Get Enough Sleep-
It is very important for us to get enough sleep to stay fit and healthy, we always need to take 7 to 8 hours of sleep. If you do not get enough sleep, then it can cause many harm to us, such as irritability starts coming inside us, we feel stressed, we do not feel like doing any work. Headache, body ache, feeling tired and lack of sleep also cause some serious diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart attack and some mental diseases can also happen.

That's why you should take adequate amount of sleep everyday and keep your body fit because when you are going through all these small diseases then you will not feel well nor will you be able to focus on your health.

7. Good Healthy Breakfast-
Your day should start with a good healthy and nutritious breakfast filled with elements so that you can get energy for the whole day and you can do your tasks very easily. In the morning breakfast, we should always eat low-calorie breakfast in which the amount of calories and fat is very less.

In the morning, we must eat eggs for breakfast because eggs contain all the nutrients that give us a lot of energy, making soup of green vegetables, eating fruits can also be considered very good, taking banana and milk. You can eat oats in the morning because oats have more fiber inside which is beneficial for our stomach, for the intestines. Soak some black gram, almonds in water at night and eat them in the morning, all these things contain all the nutritious elements which keep us energetic and fit throughout the day.

8. You Can Dance–
Yes, we can stay fit even by doing the right dance and the second advantage is that by dancing we do physical exercise, which burns our calories, our obesity is reduced. There are all kinds of exercises of your hands and feet, blood circulation also increases. Due to having all these things, we keep ourselves fresh, energetic and fit. 
No trainer is needed to dance, just close the room, put some hot song in a loud voice and start then see the amazing.

Little one but important concepts to stay fit-

1. Walk as much as you can, if you are going to the office, then use the stairs instead of the lift, so that you will be mentally and physically fit.

2. If you exercise in the morning, then do not eat anything half an hour before and half an hour after exercising.

3. Keep fasting for one day in a week. By keeping fast, our body, stomach gets rest and in fasting, take protein-rich fruits, juices full of nutritious elements.

4. Always reduce the intake of food at night and take food 2 hours before sleeping, so that your digestion will be good and you will also be fit.

5. To stay fit, if you do not do exercise, yoga, dance, then only you can play a sport. By playing sports, we remain fit both physically and mentally, we remain energetic, our efficiency or stamina increases and the hands and feet are also exercised.

6. In the office or wherever you are doing your routine work, never sit in one place continuously, always get up in between for any reason, keep walking a little. If possible, make a habit of standing mostly because it burns our calories and also increases metabolism.

7. If you want to stay fit, to be healthy, then you should stop consuming alcohol and cigarettes because it is very harmful for health.

8. If you like to drink tea made from milk daily, then it is good. But if you start drinking green tea, then it will be even better for your health. Because green tea contains many such elements, which increases our metabolism and keeps our body fit.

9. If you want to stay fit then you should eat more vegetables in your diet because there are less calories inside vegetables and they are rich in anti-oxidants, nutritious elements, fiber, vitamins, minerals.

10. You should always consume fruits according to the season because there are many nutritional elements, vitamins, minerals inside the fruits which strengthen our immune system and also keep us fit.

11. We should reduce the use of sugar as much as possible because by using sugar our fat also increases, there can be a complaint of blood sugar. Therefore, you should reduce the consumption of sweet things.

12. Always take a walk for 15 to 20 minutes after having dinner at night, so that your food will be digested and good sleep will also come.

13. Always brush twice a day, definitely brush after eating food at night.

14. Always eat a balanced diet, do not eat more oily spicy things, pickles, more oil, cold drinks, alcohol, cigarettes, outside food.


By reading this entire post, we get the same conclusion that what are the ways to stay fit and healthy, what things have to be taken care of, what we should eat and what should not be eaten. The things that we have told in this post, if you make them regularly in your lifestyle, then you will definitely get its benefits. You will always keep yourself fit, your health will also be good and you will always be active.

We must take some time out of this busy life and give it to our health because health is the biggest wealth, if health is good then you are the richest person.

Kindly note that the above given information is just for the medical knowledge and not for a medical treatment. If you are facing such problems please contact your doctor. Total Health Solutions or Catch Creative Concept does not take any guarantee of above information. 

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