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Kidney stone-What to eat and what not to eat

Kidney stone is a common disease. Kidney is an important part of the body. Its job is to filter the blood. During blood filtration by the kidneys, sodium, calcium and other minerals reach the bladder through the ureter in the form of fine particles, which are passed out of the body through urine.

When the amount of these elements in the blood increases, then they get deposited in the kidney and take the shape of stone pieces, due to which there is a blockage in the way of urine reaching the bladder and the problem of kidney stone i.e. kidney stone arises. . In this problem, there is a need to be very careful in eating and drinking. Today we are going to tell you what kidney stone patient should eat and what not.

What should not eat if you have kidney stone

Do not consume cold drinks and caffeine-
Caffeine is also a cause of dehydration, so stop drinking too much tea and coffee if you have kidney stones. Avoid drinking cold drinks as well. The phosphoric acid present in it increases the risk of stone formation.

Avoid non-veg-
Protein is found in abundance. If you have kidney stone problem, reduce the amount of protein in your diet. Excess protein has an adverse effect on the kidney. Consuming more protein causes more calcium to be excreted in the urine than normal. Due to the presence of purines in protein-rich food, the consumption of non-veg increases the amount of purine in the body of a stone patient, due to which the level of uric acid increases, as a result the size of the stone becomes large.

Reduce salt intake-
If you have kidney stone problem, eat less salt. Tomato juice, canned food varieties, Chinese and Mexican food and refined food sources contain extremely high measures of salt. Eat less salt or unsalted food varieties.

Stay away from things containing vitamin-C and oxalate-
Avoid the consumption of things, in which oxalate and vitamin-C are found. Oxalate stores calcium and does not allow it to pass into the urine. Oxalate is present in abundance in spinach, whole grains, chocolate, tomatoes. Avoid eating them. Stone is additionally framed because of unreasonable intake of Vitamin-C. Therefore, consume a certain amount of vitamin-C. Tomato seeds, brinjal seeds, amaranth, amla, soybean, parsley, chikoo, pumpkin, dried beans, raw rice, urad dal and gram can increase the problem of stone.

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Say no to foods with high phosphorus
Consumption of high phosphorus foods chocolate, nuts, carbonated drinks, milk and milk products curd, cheese, butter, soy cheese, soy curd, fast food, toffee, can soup, noodle, fried food, junk food, chips in kidney It should not be done when there is a stone. Apart from this, avoid the consumption of dry fruits like peanuts, cashews, raisins, dry fruits.

What to eat if you have kidney stone

Take more and more fluids-
In case of kidney stone complaints, try to drink at least 12 glasses of water in a day. Also take more and more fluids. Water helps to dissolve the stone-forming chemical.

Eat things with citrus acid-
Citrus fruits and their juices can naturally help reduce or prevent kidney stones caused by citrus. Lemons, oranges and grapefruits are good sources of citrus. Drink orange juice, seasonal juice, fresh lemonade, especially fresh fruit juices.

Consume Tulsi (Basil)-
There are some elements present in basil leaves that are able to stabilize the level of uric acid, due to which stones do not form in the kidney. The acetic acid found in basil leaves helps in melting and eliminating kidney stones. Drinking a spoonful of basil juice daily helps in removing kidney stones.

Vitamin-D will help in absorbing calcium-
Also, do not forget to include foods high in vitamin-D in your daily diet. Vitamin D assists the body with engrossing calcium. It is found in fatty fish, such as salmon, including egg yolk and cheese.

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