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What is kidney stone

Kidney stone or kidney stone is a disease of the kidney and ureter, in which small or large stones are formed inside the kidney. There may be one or more stones in the kidney at a time.

Usually these stones, if small, are removed from the body through the urethra without any difficulty, but if they become sufficiently large (2-3 mm in size) they can cause obstruction of the ureter. In this condition, there is unbearable pain in the urinary tract and around the waist and abdomen, which is called renal colic.

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What is kidney stone-

Stones are a type of disease in which some parts of the body such as kidney or gallbladder get deposited inside some stones and gradually their size starts increasing, when their size increases more then it starts causing pain. And this pain is very unbearable, so people suffer a lot in this disease and to cure it, doctors often recommend surgery.

Why stone is formed-

There is no definite reason for the formation of stones. Stones are mostly caused by a malfunction in the fielder mechanism of the kidney, due to which some chemicals become more in the urine, which accumulate to form stones. Kidney stones are mostly made up of minerals and shorts. Stones are formed in the kidney itself, but it can also affect any part of the urinary tract like kidney urinary duct, bladder, as long as the stone is in the kidney, people do not have much problem, but as soon as the stone exits the kidney and enters the urinary tract. If it starts coming, it starts blocking the passage of urine, due to which there is a great feeling of pain and hence it becomes very important to get it treated early.

What can be the problem with stones-

Although most of the kidney stones remain trapped in the kidney itself and gradually their size increases, but sometimes when they come out with urine, they get stuck in other parts of the urethra, which creates a risk of infection. There is a problem in the stomach, due to kidney stone, there is a lot of pain in the stomach, but if this stone is removed from the kidney in time, then it does not cause any harm to the body. it happens .

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These food items also cause stones-

Green leafy vegetables are consumed in large quantities in winter, this also increases the amount of calcium oxalate in the body, which can lead to stones, so if you have a stone once, then in winter, consume such food to a minimum. In which the amount of oxalate is high, such as beetroot spinach, sweet potato, dry fruits, tea, black pepper and soybean etc. Therefore, stay away from all these things and try not to eat more rust food and processed food because the amount of processed food preservative is high which can cause stones. And junk food contains a chemical called Ajinomoto which damages both your body and your kidneys, so always try to eat healthy food.

The right amount of water is also very important-

Most of the people do not drink the right amount of water, due to which the internal cleaning of their body is not possible, if you drink even two to 3 liters of water in a day, then this water will keep cleaning your kidneys well and prevent the formation of stones You should drink four to 5 liters of water a day because most of our body's water comes out with sweat in summer.

keep these things in mind-

1) Drink plenty of water and fluids

2) Minimize the consumption of salt, non-veg dry fruits etc.

3) Always do yoga and exercise and do not let your weight increase at all.

4) If you have diabetes then always try to keep the level of sugar in your blood low.

5) If you have had stones before, take special care.

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