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Maha Kumbh Mela- Why After 12 years?

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Kumbh Mela 2019| It is known to all that Prayagraj Kumbha will run from January 15 to March 4. After this, there will be a Kumbh in 12 years. But have you ever thought that why only Kumbh comes once in 12 years? What is the reason behind this? It is believed that the history of Kumbh Mela is at least 850 years old. It is said that Adi Shankaracharya had started it, but according to some stories, the beginning of Kumbha was only from the beginning of the ocean manthan (Samudra Manthan).

Though some scholars talk about the well being of Aquarius during the Gupta period, but the certified facts come from the time of Emperor Shiladitya Harshvardhan (617-647 AD). Later Jagatguru Shankaracharya and his disciple Sureshvaracharya arranged for a bath on the Sangam beach for the Dasamani Sanyasiya Akhara.

It is said that when the nectar was received from samudra manthan, then the eclipse began to attract the gods and the demons. In such a situation, the Kumbh was organized on the spot where the elixir drip sprinkled with nectar, and fell on the earth there the Kumbh Mela sarted. The moon saved the nectar from flowing at the time of the elixir's draw. The Guru kept the vase hidden. Sun God saved the kalash from being destroyed and Shani Dev saved from the wrath of Indra. Therefore, when the combination of these planets is done in one zodiac, then Kumbha is organized. Because the elixir was protected only by the cooperation of these four planets.

It is said that the guru lives in an zodiac for about one year. In this way, it takes 12 years to travel in twelve zodiacs. Thus, after predictably, Kumbha is created at a comparable place. But Kumbh is organized every third year at different places in the four places prescribed for Kumbh. The Kumbh of Prayagraj has special significance in the four places prescribed for Kumbh. After every 144 years Mahakumbh is organized here.

It is said in the scriptures that one year of the earth is a day of the gods, therefore every 12 years Kumbha is organized at one place. Twelve years of the gods comes 144 years after the people of the earth. It is believed that kumbh is held in heaven after 144 years, so that Mahakumbh is organized on Earth in that year. Prayag has been prescribed for Mahakumbh.

On entering the auspicious Jupiter into Aquarius and Sun into the Ariesthen , Kumbh is organized on the banks of Ganga in Haridwar, while Jupiter is entering the Aries and Sun & Moon enter in to the Capricorn then on the new moon day, Triveni Sangam at Prayagraj Aquarius is organized on the coast. Besides, when Jupiter and sun enter into Leo then Kumbh is organized on the banks of Godavari river in Nasik, while Jupiter eneters in to Leo zodiac and Sun enters into aries zodiac then Kumbh is organzied on the banks of the Shipra river in Ujjain.

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