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Eating salt or sugar on cut fruits is harmful

How to eat fruits || Have you eaten watermelon sprinkled with salt or guava mixed with chaat masala in summer? Have you tasted sugar mixed with melon? Often people cut and eat fresh fruits or make salads from them. People sprinkle chaat masala or salt on the cut fruits to make fruit salad.

This increases the taste of the fruit. At home, they make salad by chopping onions, cucumber etc. and add salt to it. Sometimes people add sugar to the cut fruits to enhance the sweetness of the fruit. If you also like to eat cut fruits by adding sugar, salt or chaat masala on top, then be careful. Consuming such fruits can be harmful for health. Learn the right way to consume fruits so that there is no bad effect on health.

Disadvantages of eating fruits mixed with salt

According to experts, when salt is sprinkled on the cut fruit, it starts releasing water. This destroys the nutrients present in the fruit. On the other hand, the sodium present in salt or chaat masala affects the kidney. If you mix chaat masala with salt, then the amount of sodium in the body increases, because chaat masala also contains salt.

Disadvantages of consuming sugar mixed with fruits

Fruit has natural sweetness. Glucose is also found in fruits, which increases calories. In such a situation, if you add sugar to the cut fruits, then the amount of sweetness in the body becomes extra. This can increase the problem of diabetes. Excess sugar also leads to weight gain. For patients who are suffering from diabetes, eating fruits mixed with sugar can be harmful.

How to eat fruit

There is a right way to consume fruits. Often people eat salad made of fresh fruits with food. Indian food is rich in carbs and calories. But when we consume fruits with food, the carb and calories increase. In such a situation, by reducing the amount of carb in the food, you can eat fruits together. Otherwise, do not eat food and fruits by mixing them together.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of medical reports and suggestions of health experts.

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