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Who Can Eat Radish


Who can eat Radish ||Radish is beneficial for health. According to health experts, the consumption of radish in winter strengthens immunity, and diseases like cold and cough can be avoided. Eating radish also reduces the risk of heart disease. But many people refrain from eating radish. People complain that after eating radish, they get gas, due to which sometimes they have to be embarrassed in front of people.

Many people also complain of stomach ache after eating radish. According to Ayurvedacharya, this type of problem is not caused by eating radish, but by the wrong way of consuming radish. There is also a right time to eat radish. People consume radish anytime or any way, as a result they get stomach ache or excess gas. Let us know what is the right time to eat radish and what is the right way to consume radish?

What is the right time to eat radish?

Radish should never be eaten on an empty stomach. Radish should not be consumed even in dinner. Often people eat radish as a salad along with food, but you should not eat raw vegetables in salad with cooked vegetables. Doing this puts pressure on your digestive system. That's why radish should be eaten after breakfast or before lunch. If you want, you can eat radish during the brunch time between lunch and dinner. By eating radish at this time, your body will get all the nutrients of radish and digestion will also be good.

Know the right way to eat radish

If you are eating raw radish then include other raw vegetables along with it. For example, by mixing cucumber, tomato, carrot etc., you can eat it like a salad. 

While buying radish, note that do not buy overripe radish. Instead of eating this type of radish, eat thin, small and sweet radish. Radish takes time to digest, so do not sit at one place while eating radish, but keep moving. Note that peel the radish and eat it after adding black salt to it.

Who should not eat radish?

If there is more pain in your body, then you should not consume radish. People who do not do physical activity should also avoid eating radish. Eating radish to such people can increase the problem of stomach pain or gas.

Benefits of eating radish

The problem of cough and cold can be avoided by eating radish daily in winter. Consumption of radish reduces the risk of heart related diseases. Radish is beneficial for strengthening the digestive system and improving digestion. Radish also reduces the amount of blood sugar to a great extent.

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