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Do not consume these things with medicine

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It is necessary to have a good lifestyle to stay healthy. Along with yoga and exercise, the consumption of a nutritious diet also affects the health of the person. However, due to seasonal illness, infection, food and bad lifestyle, many types of diseases can be caused. 

People go to the doctor when they are sick and take medicines on their advice. However, if you think that just by taking medicine, you can be healthy, then you are wrong. Sometimes the medicine has side effects. Medicines can also cause harm. People do not know about the right way of taking the medicine, in such a situation, the medicine does not affect the disease, as well as separates the side effects. In such a situation, take some precautions while consuming the medicine. Let us know which things should not be consumed by mistake along with the medicine, otherwise side effects can also happen.

Energy drinks

When you take medicine for any disease, then energy drink should not be taken with it. Taking medicine with energy drinks can have bad effects on the body. It also takes longer for the drug to dissolve.


Smoking is harmful to the body. Alcohol or any kind of intoxicant should not be consumed with the medicine. Not only does this have a bad effect on health, as well as consuming both together can also cause a lot of damage to the liver. Taking the drug with alcohol increases the risk of many liver disorders.

Dairy products

Often people consume medicine with milk. Although milk is beneficial for health, it can also reduce the effect of some antibiotics. Calcium, magnesium, minerals and proteins are found in milk, which when mixed with medicines reduce the effect of the medicine. According to doctors, milk or dairy products should not be consumed with antibiotics.

Muleti (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

In Ayurveda, liquorice is said to be beneficial for health. Liquorice strengthens the digestive system and provides relief from many stomach related problems. But glycyrrhizin is found in liquorice, which can reduce the effect of many medicines.

Leafy vegetables

Consumption of green leafy vegetables is advised to nourish the sick person. However, taking some medicines with leafy vegetables can interfere with the effect of the medicine. Kale, broccoli or vegetables rich in vitamin K can interfere with the effects of medications.

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