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How healthy are you know from this simple test?

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Health experts say, you can guess the problems growing inside the body on the basis of some common symptoms and tests. In a recent study, researchers have told about such a simple test, on the basis of which you can easily determine your health, while if you are unable to do it then it can be seen as a serious sign. 

In this study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers have told people about a simple test called 'one leg stand test'. Researchers told that for this test, first of all, stand for 10 seconds while balancing on one leg, if you do this, then it proves that you are healthy to a great extent.

The balance of the feet is considered a sign of better health. However, if you feel unable to do so, then such people need to be careful, it can be a sign of a serious situation. Let us understand this study in detail.

one-leg stand test
In the study, researchers said that if you are not able to stand balanced on one leg for 10 seconds, then it can be an alarm bell. In this study conducted on thousands of people, experts found that people who are unable to stand properly with balance feet may have up to double the risk of death from any cause in the next 10 years. Researchers say foot balance is an essential skill that is essential for longevity and quality of life.

What did the study find?
For the study, 1702 people aged 51-75 years were followed up between 2008 and 2020. Initially, participants were asked to lift one leg up and place the other leg on the back side. To do this, participants were given three attempts, although approximately one in five failed.
Over the next 10 years, 123 of these participants died of various causes. The researchers also studied the data on balance after considering factors such as age, gender and underlying conditions. It found that participants who expressed an inability to stand on one leg for 10 seconds 10 years ago were found to have a higher risk of death.

What do the researchers say?
Researchers say people who have poor body balance may be at higher risk of falls and serious injury. Unintentional injury due to falls is one of the leading causes of death worldwide.
With age, strength and balance decrease and the result is muscle weakness, says Stanford University professor Dr. Jonathan Myers. This results in a higher risk of falling while walking, although this problem has been seen less frequently in those who exercise regularly.

Study Conclusion?
The researchers concluded that in order to reduce the risk of injury with increasing age, everyone should continue to do the 'one leg stand test', based on which you can get an idea of ​​balance. You can do this test by standing on one leg and keeping the other leg at a 90 degree angle. With this, you can easily get an idea of ​​the physical conditions. Due to the loss of physical balance with age, the risk of many serious problems increases.

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