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Women who get less sleep may have these diseases

Today's blog is dedicated to our society's proud women. This blog tells us the sleepiness of women in the society. What effects are there on women of less sleep. Not getting enough sleep can affect women's health. But why should women get more sleep than men? Let's learn...

Many types of health problems arise from not getting enough sleep. According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a third of adults in the US do not sleep well. Women need more sleep than average. Not getting enough sleep can affect women's health. But why should women get more sleep than men? Let's know.

How much sleep do we need?
According to the National Sleep Foundation, people aged 26 to 64 should get 7 to 9 hours of sleep, people over 64 years of age should get 7 to 8 hours and teens should get 9 to 10 hours of sleep daily. However, sleep needs also depend on the gender of the person. Research has found that women should get more sleep than men.

For these reasons women need more sleep-
On average, women need 20 minutes more sleep than men. According to research, the problem of insomnia affects more women than men, so that they should get more sleep. Along with this, women also do not sleep due to some other reasons.

1. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome-

Women with PCOS are most affected by obstructive sleep neap. In this, the upper part of the airway gets blocked, causing difficulty in breathing and poor sleep.

2. Period-

Abdominal pain, cramps, and mood swings during periods cause a lot of restlessness and sleeplessness at night. Apart from this, women suffering from premenstrual syndrome have poor sleep quality and may have problems with insomnia.

3. Menopause-

Women's sleep is affected before, during and after menopause. Along with this, the quality of sleep is affected by hot flashes and night sweats.

4. Pregnancy-

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, physical and mental changes affect sleep. During this, women get less sleep due to body aches and cramps.

How to get good sleep?

1- Fix the bedtime at night and sleep at the prescribed time even during weekends and holidays.

2- Take a bath with lukewarm water or drink lukewarm milk before sleeping at night.

3-Keep the bedroom lighting light and the temperature comfortable.

4-Use comfortable bedding and pillows on 4-beds.

5-Do not use any kind of electronic device including mobile and laptop after going to bed.

Women should increase their quality of sleep and get enough sleep daily for good physical and mental health. It not only improves fitness but also prevents many diseases.

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