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Problem of obesity in children, is your child making such mistakes?

Obesity in children || 
Health experts consider the problem of increasing obesity in children as very serious over time. Childhood obesity is known to be a major factor in a variety of serious health problems. Children with obesity have a higher risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. These conditions increase not only physical but also mental health problems. This can lead to a decrease in self-esteem and, in severe cases, even depression. This is the reason why health experts advise all people to pay special attention to the health of children.

There can be many reasons for developing obesity in childhood. Lifestyle and eating disorders are seen as major factors. If the problem of obesity is not controlled in time, it can increase the risk of developing many diseases at an early age.

Understanding the factors that increase obesity in children, it is necessary to keep preventing it. This is very important for the better future of the children. Let us know what are the reasons for developing obesity in children?

Diet problems

Dietary disturbances are considered by health experts to be one of the most important factors in obesity. Excess consumption of high calorie food items like fast food, baked food, candies etc can lead to weight gain of your child. Children who consume more sweet things may also be prone to weight gain. To keep children healthy, it becomes very necessary to take special care about their diet.

Physical inactivity

Children who do not exercise much are also more likely to gain weight. Due to physical inactivity, calories are not burned in the right amount. Sedentary lifestyle habits such as spending too much time on mobile phones, watching television or playing video games, staying indoors can add to the problems for children. Physical inactivity with unhealthy foods is seen as a major threat.

Increased screen time

Children who spend most of their time with screens like mobile-TV are also seen to be at higher risk of developing obesity. The increased screen time causes sleep disorders which can lead to hormonal imbalance in the body, which is known to increase the problem of obesity. Try to keep children away from mobile or any screen.

Genetic factors

In some children with bad habits, the problem of weight gain may also be due to heredity. If there is a problem of obesity in the parents, then its direct effect can be seen on the children as well. Apart from this, children growing up in a stressful environment are also more prone to this problem. All parents should take special precautions regarding the risks of obesity in children.

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