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Meaning of Ramayan

What is Ramayana? For the term being utilized to be surely knew, the importance of Ramayana is that a spirit (Ram) enters (Ayana) into play the exercises of  human frame. 

It is Uttarayana when the Sun enters the zodiac/rasi of Capricorn/Makara called as Makar sankranti. In this manner there is philosophical and celestial essentialness appended to the characters of Ramayana. Dashratha as Purusha is the vehicle of human body comprising of ten faculties of observation and activity. His three spouses Kaushalaya, Sumitra and Kakayee means Nature (Prakriti) comprising of three characteristics of Sattvic (Harmony), Rajastic (Movement) and Tamsic (Inertia). 

They have four children Rama, Bharat, Shatrughan and Laxman speaking to Soul (Atma), Consciousness (Chit), Intellect (Buddhi) and Mind (Manas). There are two preceptors (Gurus) in particular Vasishta and Vishwamitra which speaks to two sorts of learning. Vashishta is deductive technique for learning from general example to specific occurrence.

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Vishwamitra is inductive technique for learning from specific case to general case. PM Sumant signifies savvy directing. Taraka signifies as engaged focus, Sabahu as scatteredness and Marichi as irregularity, Ahalaya indicates dormancy, Janak means astuteness, Janaki as information, Urmila meeting of heart, Mandvi, expansion of cognizance, Shruti Keerti, mind inferred through lessons of sacred texts. Manthra means the abscene of keenness. The spirit, brain and information leaving the body as Rama, Laxman and Janaki means the demise of Dashratha. Naushad indicates serenity of psyche, Kewat signifies trip to next world. Panchvati signifies the five components as earth, water, fire, air and ether. SarupNakha indicates demonical resources. Marichi as gold deer signifies Jyeshta nakshatra in Scorpio sign. Dashanan Ravana signifies ten debased resources. Jatayu indicates otherworldly resources. Hanumanji indicates resources of discernment, awareness, will, acumen, feeling and dynamism. Sugreeva means nobleness. Bali indicates in essence quality. Angad signifies the great appendages of the body. Nal and Neel indicates the blue water of the sea. Lanka indicates Sagittarius sign. Sursa signifies crocodile and Capricorn sign where Mars is lifted up. 

Half consumed Lanka by the tail of Hanumanji indicates the Moola nakshatra in Sagittarius sign. Meghnad indicates the intensity of helping and roaring solid. Kumbhkaran means the intensity of breathing in breath to rest. Vibheeshan means reverential resources, Madri signifies shortcoming of stomach related power, measure of Nectar in the navel of Ravana indicates the sun oriented energies always got from the Sun life provider in Manipur chakra of intensity of kundalini. On dashmi of Ashwin month Ravana was killed by Rama which means the Moon in the tenth sign Capricorn. Rama the resurrection of Lord Vishnu and Hanumanji were both conceived in chaitra month means the Sun in Pisces sign. Sita rebirth of Lakshmi signifies Venus lifted up in Pisces sign.

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