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Zinc deficiency will invite these diseases

Nutrients are needed for all the body parts to function properly. These nutrients are obtained through vitamins and minerals present in the diet. Like potassium, magnesium and iron, zinc is also considered very important for the body.

It helps in protecting the body from any kind of external infection. Apart from this, zinc also plays an important role in rapid wound healing, maintaining smell and taste of the tongue. Women and children also need it during pregnancy. Due to its deficiency many types of diseases can occur in the body. So let us tell you today through this article which diseases are caused by zinc deficiency and how you can overcome this deficiency.

Weakened immune system

Zinc is considered very important to keep the immune system strong in the body. Due to its deficiency, immunity can become weak. Due to its deficiency, the risk of respiratory infections, gastrointestinal diseases and skin infections increases.

Stunted physical growth

It is considered necessary for physical development. Children mainly need it during childhood and adolescence. In such a situation, due to zinc deficiency, the development of children stops.

Inability to heal

Zinc plays an important role in growing and repairing tissue. Due to its deficiency in the body, this process stops and hence wound healing may get delayed. Due to non-healing of the wound, the risk of infection also increases.

Problems like stress, depression

Zinc also plays an important role in the functioning of the nervous system. In such a situation, its deficiency can cause problems related to nervous system like loss of memory, depression and anxiety.

How to complete?


You can overcome the deficiency of zinc in your body by including chickpea in your diet. This is the choice of many people. They can be included in different dishes like soup or salad. Apart from protein and fiber, it is also considered a very good source of zinc.

In things like dry fruits

Zinc is also found in good quantity in poultry, dairy products, sprouted grains, cashew nuts, almonds and dry fruits. In such a situation, you can also include these things in your diet.

Pumpkin seeds

Along with zinc, it is considered rich in many essential nutrients. You can easily overcome zinc deficiency by including them in your diet in the form of breakfast, salad, curd or porridge.


Zinc is also found in good quantity in nutrient-rich spinach. Including it in the diet provides vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients apart from zinc.

Note: The given information is a general information for the knowledge purpose.

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