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Food supplement designed to eradicate cancer from its roots

Metastatic Cancer Treatment
: Cancer spreading in the body is the biggest obstacle to the success of its treatment. Due to this, many times the patient dies even after removal of the cancerous tumor. But now to overcome this, doctors have developed a food supplement which prevents the growth of deadly cells in the body.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world. It is very difficult to win with this. However, many options for cancer treatment have been developed in medical science. But till date, success in eliminating some cancers whose cells spread very quickly has been a difficult task. In such a situation, the nutraceutical therapy prepared by the doctors of Tata Memorial Center is no less than a boon for cancer patients. The team of doctors who prepared it say that this therapy has been developed to treat metastasized cancer and reduce its risk. Let us tell you that it has taken doctors more than a decade for this research.

What is Metastatic Cancer?

Metastatic cancer is a condition when deadly cancer cells start spreading from one part of the body to another. But according to the Canadian Cancer Society, the term metastatic cancer is usually used only for hard tumors, such as cancer in the breast, prostate or lungs.

What is nutraceutical therapy?

The doctor doing the research told that nutraceutical is a food or food supplement called RcuR-Cu. It has been prepared from copper and grape and berry plants. It contains additional bioactive compounds and medicinal properties which provide many health benefits to the body apart from basic nutrition.

Amazing effect seen in these cancer patients

The use of nutraceuticals has been started on cancer patients since last few years. The results of which have been better in oral, blood, brain and stomach cancer.

Risks of chemo and radiotherapy revealed in study

Dr. Indranil Mitra, who led the study, told that the risks of cancer treatment chemo and radiotherapy have also come to light during this research. However, this therapy destroys the initial tumor cells of cancer. But this causes dying cancer cells to release chromatin, which is called CFCHP. It reaches other parts of the body through blood and causes cancer.

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