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New variant of Corona virus: Know how dangerous it is

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As the year 2019 came to an end, the world faced a terrible epidemic known as Corona virus. Many variants of Corona virus have been seen so far. Even after following the Corona virus vaccine and other guidelines, the Corona virus has not been completely eliminated from this world.

Recently new cases of Corona virus have been seen in India. In today's article we will have a special discussion on this new variant of Corona virus. Along with this, we will see how we can use telemedicine to avoid the havoc of this virus.

About new variants of corona virus

The new variant of Corona virus is being seen as a new concern for mankind. The name of this variant is Arcturus which is 1.2 times more infectious and dangerous than the Kraken variant.

More than 600 sub-variants of Omicron are found and this new variant of corona virus is one of the more than 600 variants of Omicron. This variant is considered to be the most infectious variant so far. Actually, Omicron's sub variant XBB.1.16 has been named Arcturus. The Arcturus variant exhibits similar symptoms to XBB.1.15.

The Arcturus variant was first found in the month of January. According to Rajendram Rajanarayanan of the New York Institute of Technology, the Arcturus variant has been found in about 22 countries including California, USA, Singapore, Australia, Virginia, New Jersey, Texas, New York and India. Most cases of this variant have been found in India.

As it has been observed that the Arcturus variant is more infectious than the previous variants and that is why there has been an increase of about 13 times in the cases of infection in the last month. The World Health Organization is constantly keeping its eyes on this variant and it is even believed that this variant can become a matter of concern.

At the end of March 2023, Maria Van Kerkhove, the technical lead of the World Health Organization, had said about the XBB.1.16 variant that an additional mutation is found in the spike protein of this new variant which increases the ability to cause infection and disease. helps. Along with this, it is also considered to be the most spread variant till date.

According to experts and scientists, it is believed that this variant can prove to be more deadly than other variants of Corona. Unlike the symptoms seen in the initial cases of corona virus, the symptoms of this variant may be slightly different. A person suffering from this variant may experience flu-like symptoms. Experts also believe that the cases of this variant will continue to increase for the next 10-12 days but after that they will start decreasing.

How deadly will this new variant be?

Now the question arises whether this new variant of corona virus is more deadly than the previous variants? So according to experts, this can be considered a matter of concern. Actually, there is a mutation in the spike protein of Arcturus, due to which it significantly increases the risk of infection and other diseases.

According to Dr. Maria, no change has been seen so far in the severity of infection with this variant, but a research by Tokyo University published on the biology research website BioRxiv has revealed that the Arcturus variant is similar to the previous variant Kraken. It is approximately 1.2 times more infectious than expected and that is why it has the potential to spread across the world in the coming times. Thus, this variant may be slightly more deadly than the previous variants.

According to experts, due to the mutation of this new variant, it challenges the immune system. In simple words, due to this mutation, there is a significant impact on the immunity of the person, however, it cannot be clearly claimed that it is beneficial to use the earlier vaccine made for Corona in cases of Arcturus variant. Will it happen or not?

Characteristics of Arcturus Variant

According to the World Health Organization, this new variant of Corona can cause symptoms in children which are not seen in other variants of Omicron. According to Dr. Vipin Vashishtha, member of the World Health Organization's Vaccine Safety Net, former convenor of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics and consultant at Mangala Hospital and Research Center, Bijnor, the symptoms of Arcturus may be somewhat similar to the symptoms of previous variants of the corona virus. But these are more similar to the symptoms of flu. According to Dr. Vipin Vashishtha, symptoms like high fever, cough, itching in the eyes, stickiness in the eyes and pink eyes are also found in Arcturus.

Richard Rithinger, an infectious disease expert at RTI International, believes that it is too early to say how much the symptoms of this virus have changed and whether it is the same as before or not. Conjunctivitis, which is an infectious eye disease, is also being reported as a symptom of this new variant of Corona.

How to protect against Arcturus?

It is extremely important to protect against any variant of Corona virus. As it is believed that this new variant of Corona virus Arcturus is actually more infectious than the previous variants, so we need to be more aware. If you notice any symptoms of flu or the like, you should immediately isolate yourself from others.

Do not panic at all if you see any kind of symptoms. People also get flu due to changing weather, so if you feel anything like this then it is necessary to get checked immediately.

Take special care that you must wear a mask while going out. Follow social distancing. Avoid going to public places where there is crowd of people. Be sure to get vaccinated. Headache, muscle pain, fatigue, sore throat, runny nose and cough are known as old symptoms of corona virus but they can also be found in this new variant.

Telemedicine in dealing with Arcturus

Telemedicine is a medium of treatment which is delivered to people through internet and communication mediums. In telemedicine, a person does not need to physically go to the doctor, rather he can connect with the doctor through video call or call or message over the internet.

The Arcturus variant is a deadly infectious variant, so if we want to cure ourselves by taking the help of telemedicine, then this can be a good option.

If it has become clear in the investigation that you have been infected with Corona, then you can get your treatment done by connecting live with your doctor through telemedicine.

Telemedicine is playing an important role in improving treatment services in rural areas. Local doctors in rural areas can also provide good treatment services to the people through telemedicine.

If you are also a doctor then you can help in providing treatment to many people by adopting telemedicine. Local doctors can also get more information about telemedicine by contacting Jio Innovations Private Limited.

For this you can visit the official website of Jio. Jio Innovation is doing a commendable work in the field of telemedicine. In such a situation, you can get your registration done on this portal. Local doctors can get many benefits from this. They will not only be able to provide treatment services to their local people but will also be able to connect with people far away through telemedicine. This will not only increase their fame but will also greatly benefit their financial condition.

Therefore, you can also benefit by joining Jio Innovation and adopting telemedicine. At a time when the threat of Corona virus is coming back again and again in a more lethal form, through telemedicine you can help not only yourself but also your family and local people in fighting this virus.

Disclaimer: All the guidelines have been followed while preparing this article. The related article has been prepared to increase the knowledge and awareness of the reader. T.H.S. does not claim any kind of information and does not take any responsibility regarding the information provided in the article. Consult your doctor for more information about the related disease mentioned in the above article.

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