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Why is physical exercise important?

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As we all know how strange our day-to-day life has become today. Today we are not only burdened with work but we are also unable to include good things in our diet.

Due to improper lifestyle, we have to face many diseases. Nowadays, due to lack of proper lifestyle and eating habits, problems of diabetes and obesity are seen a lot among people. There is another reason for these diseases and that is lack of physical exercise.

We keep consuming calories in our food every day. These calories enter our body and give us energy. Although calories are very important for the body, but if there is lack of physical activity or exercise in our life, then these calories start getting stored in our body in the form of fat.

This fat not only gives rise to obesity in the body but also causes diseases like diabetes and blood pressure.

If we do not exercise or walk every day, then these calories can be harmful for us. When obesity starts increasing in our body or we develop diabetes, then not only our body becomes sick but we also become mentally unhealthy. Due to this, we get mental diseases like depression, stress, anxiety, etc.

So now we can say how important exercise is in our daily life. There is no doubt about this. Anyway, doing physical exercise not only keeps the body in shape but also maintains enough energy in the body due to which we can do any of our work with full body and mind. So let's first talk about the benefits of exercising daily. Let's see what they are?

Benefits of exercise

1.) Exercise increases our energy level

Exercising daily not only maintains the energy level in our body but also keeps our cardiovascular system good. We consume adequate amount of calories in our diet every day. If we do not do physical activity or exercise, then these calories start getting stored in our body in the form of fat instead of energy. On the contrary, if we exercise, these calories get broken down and start providing energy to the body. This not only maintains the energy level in the body but also keeps the body shapely. This happens because exercising prevents calories from being stored in the body as fat. By exercising, calories provide energy to the body and along with this it also supplies oxygen and nutrients to our muscles.

2.) Exercise strengthens our muscles

Exercising makes our muscles flexible and strong. When we exercise, there is pressure on many parts of the body. Due to this, the body tries to adapt itself to withstand this pressure. Due to this the muscles work more and become stronger.

Children who move around a lot and keep jumping, those children grow very quickly. Their body develops in a certain direction. The muscles and bones of such children are strong. Along with this, their body is quite flexible.

3.) Exercise improves sleep

Exercising helps in better sleep. There is a scientific reason for this. Actually, when we exercise, calories are broken down. These calories break down and provide energy to the body. Along with this, our body spends a lot of energy during exercise. This not only makes the body shapely but at the same time we also feel very tired. By exercising, blood circulation also continues smoothly in the body. This is why exercising helps a person sleep well and quickly. A person who does exercise feels quite refreshed after waking up.

4.) Exercise keeps the digestive system healthy

By exercising, the body's metabolic system i.e. metabolism gets faster. This happens because the body burns or spends calories very quickly. Due to this, the digestive system becomes stronger and the food is digested well. Due to this, there is no constipation or any other type of digestive problem.

5.) Exercise keeps weight under control

Exercise increases appetite but at the same time the calories taken by the body are also spent. By exercising, calories are burnt and provide energy to the body. This not only provides energy to the body but also controls the body weight. As we know, if calories are not spent, they start taking the form of fat. By exercising, these calories start flowing into the body as energy rather than as fat. This keeps the weight under control. People who feel hungry should exercise daily.

The American College of Sports and Medicine says that people between the age of 19 to 64 should exercise daily instead of sitting at home. Students must do at least 120 minutes of exercise a week.

What happens if you don't exercise?

Exercise helps our body function a lot and there are many disadvantages of not doing it:

1.) Lack of stamina- People who just rest the whole day gradually become lazy due to which they feel tired all the time and become weak.

2.) Poor metabolism- Due to lack of exercise, a person's digestive system gets damaged due to which he becomes weak. One also has to face many other problems related to constipation and stomach.

3.) Wrinkles on the face - Due to lack of exercise, wrinkles appear on a person's face before age. His face becomes dull and he starts looking old before time. If you want to get rid of these facial problems, then exercise daily.

Benefits of exercising after waking up in the morning

1.) Exercising early in the morning eliminates any kind of tension and stress.

2.) Morning exercise keeps blood pressure in check.

3.) If we do exercise after waking up in the morning, it will also improve our sleep.

4.) Mood remains good.

5.) Exercising after waking up in the morning becomes a routine.

6.) Exercising in the morning provides energy for the whole day.

7.) Exercising after waking up in the morning not only keeps our muscles healthy but it also improves blood flow. Due to this, blood flows smoothly in the veins. It reduces the chances of heart attack or heart attack.

8.) Exercising burns calories and improves metabolism, due to which obesity does not increase.

9.) Exercise is like a medicine, taking it daily does not cause any kind of mental illness like stress or depression.

Point to be noted-

Looking at the benefits of exercise, it has been understood how important exercise is for us. By exercising daily, a person remains protected from many diseases. This keeps our health good. Exercise does not cause any kind of depression or anxiety and hence the person does not suffer from any mental illness. It plays a very good role in improving our lives and has many benefits.

That is why if we want to stay away from problems like sugar, blood pressure, heart attack, depression etc. then we should exercise daily. This also improves our daily routine. The better a person's body is, the better he will be able to work and with the same energy he will be able to move forward in his work.

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