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This blood group have higher risk of heart disease

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The problem of heart disease, especially heart attack, can be serious, the risk of which is increasing even in young people. According to recent reports, people under the age of 30 are also falling prey to such serious problems, which can also be fatal.

Health experts say, all people should be careful about the risks of heart diseases. Recognize its risks in time and get its treatment. Health experts say, some conditions can increase your risk of heart diseases, your blood group can also play an important role in this.

Health experts say that people with certain blood groups have a higher risk of heart disease and heart attack. Although this is not certain, such people are advised to take special precautions.

Let us know what relation some particular blood groups may have with heart diseases?

Blood group and risk of heart diseases

It has always been a big question whether people with certain blood groups may have a higher risk of heart diseases? Health experts say, continuous research is being done on this topic.

Research has been alerting people about its risks. The team of researchers found that people with blood groups A and B may have a higher risk of developing dangerous blood clots than people with blood group O. Blood clotting conditions are believed to increase the risk of heart disease and heart attack.

People with O blood group have less risk.

Previous research has also suggested a possible link between heart disease and the ABO gene, which is present in people with A, B or AB blood groups. Preliminary studies have shown that conditions like air pollution can increase the risk of heart attack and related problems in such patients, for which everyone should take special care and vigilance.

In a study of more than four lakh people, experts from the American Heart Association reported that people with blood type O had an 8% higher risk of heart attack and 10% higher risk of heart failure compared to other people.

Risk of high blood pressure

Although it's not all bad for people with type A or B blood group, the team of researchers found that people with type O blood group had a 3% lower risk of high blood pressure compared to people with type A and B blood groups. goes.

The lead author of the study and an expert at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands says blood type does not confirm your risk of heart disease, although it does indicate caution. We all need to make continuous efforts to prevent heart diseases, by taking precautions you can reduce your risks.

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