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Avoid this to keep bones strong

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To keep the body healthy and fit, it is important that you keep consuming healthy and nutritious things daily. Including many types of seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet is beneficial in strengthening the body's immunity and protecting it from diseases. But health experts say that instead of knowing what we should eat daily, it is important to know which things are most important to be avoided at the present time.

Health experts say, if you want to keep the body healthy then reduce the intake of both sugar and salt.

Excessive consumption of salt is considered harmful for overall health in many ways. Due to this, the biggest risk is of increasing blood pressure and this condition can be harmful for the health of your heart. Not only this, health experts said that excess salt can also be harmful for your bones. Let us know about the risks caused by excess salt.

Calcium reduces in the body due to salt

Calcium is one of the nutrients considered most essential for keeping bones healthy and strong. Studies have found that if you consume too much salt, it can cause calcium deficiency in the body. The more salt you eat, the more calcium is removed from your body, which means it is also very harmful for your bones. Aim to consume less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium a day.

Too much salt is not good for the heart

Increased levels of sodium in the bloodstream reduce the ability of the kidneys to remove water, which puts stress on the body's blood vessels. High blood pressure can eventually lead to problems like stroke and heart failure. Since the kidneys work continuously to remove excess salt, this condition can also lead to kidney diseases.

Also know these problems caused by excess sodium

Excessive consumption of sodium/salt can be harmful for our body in many ways. It can have serious side effects on muscles, bones and many other organs.

Heart muscle problem

Headache- kidney disease


Heart beat problem.

High blood pressure

Kidney stones.

Risk of stomach cancer.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of information collected from medical reports from various sources of internet

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