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Sixth class child dies of heart attack, know the reasons

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The risk of heart diseases is seen increasing rapidly globally. Health experts say that due to disturbances in lifestyle and diet, heart problems have increased rapidly, the risks of Corona have made it more serious.

Till a few decades ago, problems like heart disease and heart attack were known as problems associated with aging, but now even younger people are becoming its victims.

In one such recent case, a 6th class child in Gujarat died of sudden heart attack, his age was only 12 years. The danger of heart attack at such a young age has worried everyone.

According to media reports, a 12-year-old and 20-year-old boy have died of sudden heart attack in Devbhoomi Dwarka and Rajkot city respectively. The father of the six-year-old deceased told that he had not taken the Covid vaccine, although whether corona infection was the reason behind this has not been confirmed at present.

Let us know why this deadly disease is increasing among young people and what kind of efforts can be made to prevent it?

Heart attack problem at young age

Expressing concern, health experts said that the problem of increasing heart diseases in young people can be very serious, for which special vigilance is needed. Till a few years ago, heart attack was a problem occurring mainly in older people. Problems like heart attack were considered quite rare in a person under 40 years of age. However, now 1 out of every 5 heart attack patients is below 40 years of age.

Heart attacks are also becoming common among people aged 20-30. Heart attack rates in this young age group have increased by 2% each year between 2000-2016.

What do health experts say?

There are many reasons due to which cases of heart diseases are being diagnosed increasingly in younger people. Not only has serious impact on heart health been seen due to Corona infection, some problems caused by disturbances in lifestyle have also increased the risk of heart diseases.

Earlier research has also found that obese people have an increased risk of heart attack.

The problem of blood pressure is increasing among youth.

Doctors say, high blood pressure is the main reason increasing the risk of heart attack. It has been considered a major risk for cardiovascular problems. The problem of being overweight can also cause high blood pressure, due to which there is a risk of increased pressure on the arteries, which is not only a major risk factor for heart attack but can also cause stroke. All people should keep trying to prevent heart diseases.

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