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Important things related to women's health

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Science has studied humans and has clearly explained the difference between a man and a woman. The body structure of women is completely different from that of men. Along with this, the problems and development of women's body are also different from men.

Although it is said that girls become mature before boys and you will be surprised to know that science also believes this. Along with this, a question also arises that when should girls go to a gynecologist i.e. lady doctor?

This is an important question but it is not given due attention in the society. In today's article we are going to have a special discussion on these important points. So let us first start with the development of girls from the point of view of science.

Physical structure and development of girls

As we all know that the physical structure of girls is quite different from that of boys, so it is quite natural that the development and nature of girls will also be completely different.

If we talk about physical development, then according to science, girls mature from their mother's womb only. Actually, when a woman is pregnant and has a girl in her womb, then there are some eggs in the body of the girl growing in the womb. These are called primary oocytes. When a girl is born, these primary eggs are still present in her body.

These eggs remain in the body from birth till 10 years. When a girl reaches the stage of puberty, that is, maturity, these eggs develop.

The age of puberty or maturity in girls is considered to be after about 10 years. These primary eggs become mature only when a girl gets her first period.

All oocytes remain primary until menstruation occurs.

After menstruation, it becomes certain that these eggs have not only matured but the girl can now conceive.

The eggs that remain in the girl's womb after menstruation are called secondary oocytes. If the secondary oocyte finds a sperm, it fuses and becomes an ovum.

Later the ovum continues to develop and is born into the world as a child. This is a scientific analysis.

Here one more thing becomes clear that how important it is for a girl to have her menstruation. Menstruations are actually important because they are a sign that a girl has matured and can give birth to a child.

If we talk about the external body structure of a girl, then also her development is slightly different from that of boys.

After the start of menstruation, fat starts accumulating in various parts of the girl's body.

Accumulation of fat starts on the chest due to which the development of breasts starts. Along with this, there is accumulation of fat on the buttocks, thighs and to some extent on the waist also. The voice becomes melodious.

Hair grows in the underarms or armpits. Along with this, hair also starts growing in the area around the vagina. The bones become shapely which gives an attractive appearance to the body.

The most important part of a girl's body development is menstruation. A girl can feel all these changes in her body only after menstruation.

This is a matter of physical development of girls. Now it comes to what are the situations when it becomes necessary for a girl to visit a doctor. Girls should definitely visit a doctor for treatment of problems arising during periods and pregnancy. So let us see what problems a girl has to face during periods and pregnancy.

Problems related to periods

1.) Delay in periods

According to science, any girl starts getting periods from the age of 10-14 years. In some girls, periods may occur even before the age of ten.

The arrival of periods also depends on diet and climate.

Some girls may get periods even at the age of 15-16 years. This can also be seen but if a girl's periods are not happening even after this age, then it is necessary to take her to a doctor.

After checkup of the girl's body, the reason for late periods will be revealed. Then accordingly the doctor will be able to help you get rid of the problem of delayed periods through medicines.

2.) Stomach ache

Girls suffer from stomach pain during periods. It is normal to have mild pain sometimes during periods, but if a girl complains of severe pain during periods, then this problem should not be ignored.

To get relief from stomach ache during periods, fomentation can be done with warm water. This remedy has been around since time immemorial but we would suggest you to do this after consulting a doctor.

3.) Uncontrolled emotions

Many women face mood swings before or after periods. Some women also have mood swings during periods. Women also face extreme irritability and stress.

During periods, hormonal changes occur in a woman's body due to which mood swings occur. Women can listen to music to relax the mood. Along with this, eat a healthy diet to reduce irritability.

4.) Digestive problems

During periods, women also suffer from digestive problems like vomiting, diarrhea and constipation.

Some women complain of stomach upset or diarrhea during periods, while some women suffer from constipation.

Digestive problems can also be seen due to hormonal changes. The best solution for this problem is to consume a good diet.

Women should take special care that they do not consume excessively spicy and oily food during periods. Along with this, consume enough water.

5.) Irregular periods

A healthy menstrual cycle is considered to be 28 days. This cycle can also be of 26-28 days. Sometimes periods occur more than 28 days or sooner.

It is normal for this to happen once or twice a year, but if a woman is continuously complaining of irregular periods, then it is important to go to the doctor.

Irregular periods can be caused by hormonal changes, lump in the uterus, irregular diet and mental stress etc.

To avoid irregular periods, take care of your mental health. Consult a doctor and take medicines accordingly. Keep your diet balanced.

Pregnancy related problems

About problems occurring during pregnancy, their causes and diagnosis.

1.) Anemia

During pregnancy, women face the problem of anemia.

This is known as anemia. The real cause of anemia is iron deficiency in the body. Along with this, lack of proper eating habits is also responsible for anemia. Provide nutritious diet to the pregnant woman during pregnancy.

2.) Pain or swelling in hands and feet

Excessive physical exertion during pregnancy causes pain and swelling in hands and feet. To prevent this problem, a pregnant woman should do only as much physical exercise as is necessary for her health. Pregnant women should avoid lifting heavy objects. Along with this, the pregnant woman should take adequate sleep and rest.

3.) Pre-eclampsia

The first three months of pregnancy are extremely important for any pregnant woman. This is the first stage of development of the fetus. During this period, a pregnant woman may face the problem of increased BP. In such a situation, the protein present in the body of a pregnant woman starts coming out of the body with urine.

This problem is called pre-eclampsia. Due to this problem, the woman experiences pain in her hands and legs and also affects the development of the fetus. To avoid this problem, get regular checkups done by the doctor.

4.) Diabetes

Women should take special care of their diet during pregnancy. Eat a diet that contains adequate amounts of nutrients. Women who have diabetes should take special care of themselves during pregnancy. Pregnant women suffering from diabetes should avoid consuming junk food, rice, potatoes, spicy things and sweet things.


It is very important for women to be aware of their health. From the beginning of periods to the birth of babies, a girl faces many ups and downs in her life. Along with these, girls also face many problems. Therefore, it is important for girls and women to take special care of their health.

Through this article we have discussed some important things related to periods and pregnancy. You can share your questions and suggestions with us by writing in the comment box.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of information collected from medical reports from various sources of internet

Disclaimer: All the guidelines have been followed while preparing this article. The related article has been prepared to increase the knowledge and awareness of the reader. T.H.S. does not claim any kind of information and does not take any responsibility regarding the information provided in the article. Consult your doctor for more information about the related disease mentioned in the above article.

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