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Important facts and myths related to periods

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Periods are known as menstruation, month, menstruation, menstrual cycle or MC etc. In women, vaginal bleeding occurs due to hormonal changes in their body. This is called periods.

Women have periods every month. In this, the egg comes out of the uterus and goes out of the body with the blood.

When should periods come?

Girls often start getting periods between the age of 10 to 15 years. The age of onset of periods is 9 years. The arrival of periods means that the girl is now capable of having a child. It is very rare that everyone gets periods at the age of 9 years. Actually there is no right age for periods to come. This lasts only till the age of 50-55.

What are the signs of arrival of periods?

1.) Before the arrival of periods, body hair starts growing.

2.) Hair grows in legs, hands and underarms.

3.) Hair also starts growing on the sexual organs.

4.) A bulge develops in the chest.

These symptoms may indicate the beginning of periods.

What could be the reason for stopping periods?

1.) Periods can be delayed due to stress.

2.) Periods can stop due to intoxicants like smoking, alcohol, beedi, cigarette etc.

3.) Periods get delayed due to poor health.

How to know that periods are coming?

1.) Acne breakouts

2.) Swelling

3.) Breast pain

4.) Weight gain

5.) Having trouble concentrating

6.) Headache

7.) Having back pain

8.) Increased desire to eat

9.) Eating more food

10.) Feeling tired

11.) Crying

12.) Irritability

13.) Feeling restless

14.) Having mood swings

15.) Having depression etc.

Missing or late periods

Some girls do not get periods until they are 17 or 18 years old. If this happens, you should get it checked by a doctor. It may be possible that blood is collecting somewhere inside his body or there may be some defect in his genitals or hormones. Get it treated quickly.

Rumors about periods

Many things about periods are discussed in many places in India even in this developed era. Periods are considered impure in many parts of India. There are many things prevalent among people regarding periods.

Due to these popular sayings which have been prevalent since the time of grandmothers, some such notions have persisted in the minds of people which are completely wrong. Women are given such instructions when they have periods, which have nothing to do with truth, but women have to face them. However, all these are nothing but stereotypical illusions. We all should understand the science behind periods.

1. Using pads reduces bleeding

This is not the case at all, nor is there any evidence that the use of pads reduces bleeding in women. By using pads, women feel ease and comfort during periods. It is more comfortable than the clothes used earlier. This is the reason why women consider it more appropriate to use pads during periods.

2. Women can neither bathe nor wash hair during periods.

To maintain hygiene, one should take bath daily, even if it is during periods. Washing hair has no effect on the menstrual bleeding of women. Special care should be taken about cleanliness during periods, otherwise the risk of infection may increase.

3. Refusing to run around

During periods, girls are prohibited from running, playing, dancing and doing exercise etc. to reduce pain and get relief, whereas this is absolutely wrong. Due to excessive rest, blood circulation in the body does not occur properly and pain is also felt more. Playing, jumping and exercising during periods increases the flow of blood and oxygen in your body, which prevents problems like stomach ache and cramps. Therefore, it is advisable to do light sports and exercise during periods. One should take rest during periods and also do some exercise as per medical advice, but remember that these exercises should not be too difficult.

4. Refusing to touch pickles

During periods, the old ladies of the house say that do not touch the pickle otherwise the pickle will get spoiled, whereas this is not true. Women have vaginal bleeding during periods, but it does not mean that their entire body is covered with dirt. There are no bacteria in the body or hands of a girl during periods, hence touching the pickle can spoil it. Pickles get spoiled only if they are touched with wet or water-soaked hands, whether it is touched by a woman on periods or a normal person.

Periods are a normal process but in our Indian society it is treated like a disease. Periods are considered impure. This is all wrong. It is important to change this thinking.

5. Excessive periods

Excessive bleeding during periods does not mean that the girl is strange or abnormal. Sometimes women bleed more during periods and sometimes less. This is a normal process and has nothing to do with anything old.

6. Avoid sour foods during periods

Almost all women hear and see this during their periods. Although there is no such thing as eating sour food is prohibited during periods. There is no harm in eating sour things during periods, just keep one thing in mind that too much is bad, so eat sour things but not in excessive quantity.

7. Blood released during periods is dirty

Bleeding during periods is normal. Vaginal bleeding contains pieces of blood and protein caused by vaginal tissue, cells, and estrogen hormones in the uterus. These go out of the body in the form of period blood because the body does not need them. This is the reason why the blood that comes out during periods is considered dirty whereas it is similar to the blood flowing in the veins.

8. Periods should last for a week only

This notion is also not correct from medical point of view. Although the duration of periods is considered to be seven days, but for some women, bleeding stops within 2-3 days. This is a completely normal thing. Periods last for a minimum of three days and a maximum of ten days. Many women may bleed for 3 days, some for 5 days and some for seven days during their periods. Estrogen is a type of hormone that controls things in your body, such as body hair, voice, desire for sex, etc.

Due to this estrogen, a layer of blood and protein is formed in the uterus every month. Depending on the amount of estrogen hormone in the body, a thick or thin layer of blood and protein is formed. If the layer is thick then there is more bleeding during periods and if it is thin then there is less bleeding. It depends on this whether the cycle of periods will be of one week or less.

9. No pregnancy during periods

This is not completely true. If sperm remains inside the vagina during sex, it remains alive for seven days, that is, there is a chance of pregnancy for the next seven days. Therefore, it is important to use condoms even during periods.

10. Can't touch trees and plants during periods

Many people believe in the belief that if a woman's shadow falls on a tree during her periods, it will dry up. Although this is not at all the case. During periods, women need to take care of themselves the most and their family members should also take care of this.

11. Women become impure during periods

Women are not allowed to go to the kitchen during periods. They are considered impure. However, there is no such thing. This feeling should be removed. Those who discriminate against women during their periods by considering such useless things should be made aware about the cultural taboos and rigid traditions.

Keep these things in mind-

1.) Always use good pads during periods. Choose pads according to your periods. Do not use pads that contain fragrance or perfume. It is better that you use cotton pads.

2.) If you feel that there is more blood flow then use longer pads.

3.) If blood flow is less then you can choose smaller pads.

4.) You can also use special pads while sleeping at night.

5.) It is important to change pads every 5 hours.

6.) The vagina should be cleaned once with water before sleeping at night.

7.) Sleep after changing the pad at night. Do not use old pads.

Eat these things during periods-

1.) There should be no laxity regarding food during periods. This can be harmful for health. Keep these things in mind-

2.) Use fruits.

3.) Eat fish.

4.) Eat whole foods.

5.) Eat dry fruits.

6.) Can drink tea.

7.) Use lukewarm water.

8.) Eat green leafy vegetables.

9.) Take green tea, nuts and fiber rich things.

10.) Eat porridge.

Do not eat this during periods-

1.) Avoid eating red meat.

2.) Do not eat sweets.

3.) Do not consume chips and energy drinks.

4.) Don't drink coffee.


Whether or not periods come at the right time in women depends on the hormonal balance in the body. Due to not getting periods at the right time, the risk of many diseases increases in women.

Women who eat more pasta and rice start getting their periods one to one and a half years earlier.

Generally, there is more bleeding in the initial periods and less towards the end. When periods occur for the first time, the period cycle may be very heavy and then it may become lighter later.

There are many things related to periods which are not true and we have told those things in this article. Periods are a very important topic related to women's health and no carelessness should be taken regarding it. It is necessary to give women the correct knowledge related to periods. We hope that through this article you would have learned about important things related to periods. You can share your questions and suggestions with us by writing in the comment box.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of information collected from medical reports from various sources of internet

Disclaimer: All the guidelines have been followed while preparing this article. The related article has been prepared to increase the knowledge and awareness of the reader. T.H.S. does not claim any kind of information and does not take any responsibility regarding the information provided in the article. Consult your doctor for more information about the related disease mentioned in the above article.

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