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Causes, symptoms and prevention of high cholesterol

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Many types of substances are found in our body which are also considered important for the body. One such substance is cholesterol. Cholesterol is a substance similar to fat which is considered important for the formation of some hormones, digestion and digestion process etc.

Cholesterol is unable to dissolve in water. It takes the help of blood flow to move from one part of the body to another. Lipoproteins found in the body work to transport cholesterol to various organs.

Increasing cholesterol level in the body is not considered good. One should avoid excessive consumption of foods that contain high amounts of fat. In fact, consumption of excessive fatty foods can increase the cholesterol level in the body incredibly. Consuming excessive amounts of fatty foods can increase low density cholesterol in the body. Low density cholesterol is also called bad cholesterol.

Two main forms of lipoproteins exist in our body – low density lipoprotein and high density lipoprotein. Low density lipoprotein is also known as bad cholesterol and high density lipoprotein is also known as good cholesterol. Both the increase in the level of bad cholesterol and decrease in the level of good cholesterol are considered dangerous for our body.

In both these types of conditions, the risk of fat accumulation in blood vessels increases. This can cause the blood vessels to narrow, which can hamper blood flow and cause damage to the heart.

Talking about reports, the issue of over-population is coming to light in India today. This is a big problem for India but along with this, poor health also remains a serious problem for the Indian society.

Reports have found a large section of the population struggling with high cholesterol. About 25-30% of the city's population is struggling with high cholesterol. On the other hand, about 15-20% of the population in the village is facing this problem.

Thus, it can be seen that high cholesterol is affecting today's people on a large scale.

Symptoms of high cholesterol

When cholesterol level increases in the body, the risk of many other diseases increases. Although there is no specific symptom of high cholesterol, if bad cholesterol is present in the body in more than a certain quantity, then many fatal diseases can surround the body.

Now in such a situation the question arises that how do we find out whether the level of cholesterol in our body is high or not? For this we can keep some important things in mind.

People who fall in the age group of 20 years and above should get their blood checked at least once in five years to know the amount of cholesterol in the body.

A blood test called lipoprotein profile is available to check cholesterol levels.

The problem of high cholesterol can also be due to hereditary factors. If anyone in the family has ever had the problem of high cholesterol, then the doctor may advise you to get your cholesterol level checked from time to time.

Reasons of high Cholesterol

Unbalanced diet

An unbalanced diet can send a direct invitation to many diseases. Consuming food items that contain excessive amounts of saturated fat and trans fat can also cause high cholesterol. If you consume fish, eggs, cheese, butter, milk etc. then you should not overdo them. All these foods are important for the body, but you should include only a certain amount of them in your diet. People who consume junk foods, chips and coke should also eat all these substances in certain quantities. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible.

Growing old

Increasing age can lead the body to many diseases. Even after the age of twenty, the risk of high cholesterol starts increasing naturally.

Sex or gender

Cases of high cholesterol also arise on the basis of gender. Cholesterol in men decreases after the age of 50, whereas in women it remains in low quantity till menopause.


People whose family has ever had the problem of high cholesterol should keep getting their blood checked from time to time. The risk of high cholesterol in such people is higher than that of normal people.


People who smoke should be cautious. Smoking invites many diseases in the body, one of which can be high cholesterol or increase in bad cholesterol.

Lack of exercise

Exercise is required to maintain proper energy flow in the body. Due to this, the body burns extra fat, that is, it is able to eliminate excess accumulated fat. There is a risk of increasing bad cholesterol due to lack of exercise.


People suffering from diabetes are more likely to have high cholesterol than normal people.

How can high cholesterol be prevented?

We have discussed many factors that give rise to high cholesterol. So now let us see how we can avoid high cholesterol.

If you want to avoid the problem of high cholesterol, then first of all you have to pay attention to your diet. Keep an eye on the amount of calories in your diet. If you are very fond of junk food, then you will have to slow down your hobby. Remove junk food from your diet and include nutritious foods. Consume grains, peas and beans. You can also take advice from a diet expert.

Eat foods that are low in saturated fat.

End smoking addiction immediately. Smoking cigarettes, alcohol or eating spices is not at all beneficial for health. It not only causes cancer in the body but it can also cause many diseases of the brain and heart.

Control your weight. If you are a man and your waist measurement is 40 inches or more, then it can send an invitation to high cholesterol. Similarly, women whose waist measurement is 35 inches or more may also be at risk of high cholesterol.

Make a habit of exercising daily. With this, excess fat accumulated in the body can be reduced. Not only this, new vigor and energy can also be provided to the body through exercise.

Make appropriate changes in your lifestyle. Although it is very difficult to give up bad habits, but you should start it. At first you will find it a little difficult to quit smoking etc. but later it will gradually start reducing.

What problems can be seen due to increase in cholesterol?

If a condition of high cholesterol has arisen in the body, it can lead to atherosclerosis. This is a condition in which cholesterol gets deposited on the walls of the arteries. Due to this the arteries become narrow and blood flow starts getting obstructed. Due to this type of situation, a person may suffer from chest pain.

You will be surprised to know that our heart can be in great danger due to high cholesterol. When cholesterol or fat particles accumulated in the body break down, they can form a blood clot. This will block blood flow, increasing the chances of heart attack. Not only this, but if a blood clot forms in any part of the brain, it can also cause heart stroke.

Consuming which substances can lead to high cholesterol?

There are two types of cholesterol present in the body. One which is harmful for the body and one which is good for the body. Cholesterol is found in the cells of our body. This is a wax-like substance which is very beneficial in preventing cells from breaking. Along with this, good cholesterol also plays an important role in the production of hormones and vitamins.

Cholesterol keeps circulating in all the cells of the body and its excessive amount can have bad effects on the heart and brain. Increase in the level of bad cholesterol in the body can directly invite heart stroke. If you are fond of eating eggs then you should not consume eggs in excessive quantities. About 186 mg of cholesterol is found in egg yolk. Along with this, a very high amount of cholesterol is also found in cheese.

A lot of cholesterol is also present in fast food and oily foods. Four ounces of shrimp contain up to 170 milligrams of cholesterol. Thus it is important to avoid all these things.

There are many medicines available in the market to reduce the level of bad cholesterol. If a person has high cholesterol, then he can reduce the intake of medicines available in the market, but one thing should be kept in mind that before taking any medicine, medical consultation is most important.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of information collected from medical reports from various sources of internet

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