Along with increasing cholesterol the risk of heart attack increases. Pay attention to these warnings ~ Total Health Solutions (Unit of Catch Creative Concepts)

Along with increasing cholesterol the risk of heart attack increases. Pay attention to these warnings

Increasing cholesterol symptoms ||
In the news and medical reports, you must have heard about the problems caused by cholesterol in the body, the biggest danger to your heart.

Elevated levels of cholesterol in the blood are known to disrupt the normal flow of blood, which is directly a major risk factor for heart disease, stroke, and other serious medical conditions. This is the reason why all people are advised to keep cholesterol under control by keeping routine and diet right.

Cholesterol isn't actually always bad for the body, it's a type of fat (also called a lipid) that your body needs to function properly. However, due to some conditions, its quantity becomes very high which causes serious health problems.

Let us know what are the signs of increasing cholesterol in the body?

High cholesterol and risk of heart attack

Due to the increase in the amount of cholesterol in the body, the most damage is done to the health of the heart, it can also be a problem that increases the risk of heart attack in you. Due to high cholesterol, fat starts accumulating in your blood vessels, when this accumulation increases, the flow of blood through the arteries starts getting obstructed. Such a condition can cause a heart attack.

In the condition of high cholesterol, many symptoms start appearing in the body, by paying attention to which serious health problems can be avoided.

Foot numbness

A feeling of numbness in your feet can be a sign of high cholesterol. This indicates that plaque has started to build up in your arteries and other blood vessels. Blood flow problems prevent oxygen-rich blood from reaching the legs and other parts of the body, which can cause a tingling sensation.

The problem of swelling in the feet is also considered a sign, which should be taken seriously.

Symptoms of High Cholesterol on the Eyelids

The symptoms of high cholesterol problem also start appearing on your eyes. Health experts say that high cholesterol in the blood can lead to a condition called xanthelasma, which is a condition of deposits on the eyelids that appear as yellowish bumps. If you are also seeing this type of bulge on your eyelids, then immediately get your cholesterol checked and take measures to control it.

Bumps appear on the tongue

Along with feet and eyes, some symptoms of high cholesterol also appear on your tongue. High cholesterol causes small bumps to appear on the surface of the tongue called papillae. Cholesterol levels can be controlled by paying attention to this problem seen on the tongue.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of information collected from medical reports from various sources of internet

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