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What is depression, its symptoms and treatment

epression and treatment ||Many types of diseases are happening due to disturbances in food and wrong lifestyle. The most common of these physical problems is blood pressure or blood pressure. In the problem of blood pressure, the blood flow of the body becomes unbalanced. Due to this, there are many effects on the body and health. 

The condition of blood pressure comes when the heart which works to pump blood to all the parts of our body, as long as the heart is able to pump blood to all the parts of the body in a normal way, it is called normal blood pressure. The problems in blood circulation are called blood pressure problems. There are two types of blood pressure disease – one is high blood pr…

There is an old saying that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. But have you noticed that if the mind is healthy, it helps the body to remain healthy as well. That is, these two things are related to each other. While it often happens that we either adopt an indifferent attitude towards mental health or hide it by making it an embarrassment. Just as the problem is controlled by taking medicine when the fever comes, in the same way, it is necessary to take treatment when the mind is sick. We Indians have a lot of misconceptions, especially about mental conditions.

We directly label any mental condition as insanity, get exorcised due to superstition but are afraid to go to a psychiatrist or counselor and most importantly, we do not consider mental problems as diseases. Let's take them for granted. Conditions like depression which can be quite normal with the right treatment, tend to worsen and reach serious levels. Even today in large parts of the country, it is not considered good to go to a psychiatrist or a counselor, or even to mention their name. The same happens in the case of depression.

Depression needs treatment:

The problem of depression is not new. But this problem is often ignored. People think what is the need to give weight to it, just divert attention from it, it will be fine. Because depression is nothing but depression. Research has proved that if the patient gets treatment as soon as he understands the condition of depression, then incidents like suicide can be prevented on a large scale. But it is often the opposite. At present some percentage of people have become aware about this problem but they are also trapped in many misconceptions. That's why it is important to keep the correct information and do not get confused. Keep these few things in mind.

Depression is not fiction:

Actually it is just an excuse to avoid the truth. While the truth is that when doctors scan the brain, the chemicals in the brain that send signals to the nerves appear unbalanced in patients with depression. So don't dismiss depression as a fantasy.

Do not force any activity:

Busyness can sometimes prove to be helpful in the case of depression. Especially busy in some creative work. But excessive busyness can also create difficulties. Getting involved in some social work or some art activity can be helpful in early or mild cases of depression, but in chronic depression, doctors may also advise not to engage for a while. Sometimes throwing yourself into a lot of work can also be a symptom of clinical depression. In such a situation, the possibility of the patient becoming more lonely and desperate can also increase. This is a common symptom especially in men suffering from depression because they are not able to say and share their problems easily.

Depression can happen to anyone:

People usually make an assumption that depression will happen only to those who have gone through some sorrow but it is not so. Sometimes a person may go through some emotional upheaval despite having all the resources and happiness. Every day we read in the newspapers about some celebrity or rich person who committed suicide due to depression. Depression is a condition that can occur in any age group, male or female. Even in children. Not only this, it can also be genetic at times.

Symptoms of depression can be different:

The symptoms of depression are not necessarily the same in everyone. Just looking sad, crying, looking desperate are not the only symptoms. Irritability, anger, irritation, lack of concentration, eating too much or stopping eating, liking to be alone or showing unnecessary enthusiasm or being completely silent can also be a symptom of depression. The person who seems completely normal to you on the outside may be going through a lot of turmoil on the inside.

Collaborate, Support:

To come out of depression, treatment of the patient is necessary. It is also important that he gets a healthy and positive environment around him. Spending time with friends, acquaintances or family who understand the patient's condition, talking, continuing with regular exercise and a healthy diet, regular counseling sessions and taking complete treatment, as well as building self-confidence, is the way out of this problem. May prove to be miraculous in coming. So, whenever you see any symptoms in a person, extend a helping hand towards him, who knows you may contribute in saving a precious life.

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