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There is a lot of pain in the knees?

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Joint pain is a common problem among housewives. Most women often have pain in their feet. Due to pain in the knees, their working style is also affected. One of the main reasons for joint or knee pain is a poor lifestyle and lack of nutrition in the diet.

Today's modern lifestyle leads to increased stiffness in the muscles of the body and joint pain. This problem mostly bothers more at night. After an age, both women and men complain of knee pain, but this problem is seen more in women than in men.

If the problem of knee pain is ignored, then there is also a possibility of increasing the pain in the future. If you are troubled by knee pain, then first know what are the reasons for this problem and also know the remedies and preventive measures to get relief from knee pain.

Causes of knee pain

Women have more knee pain than men. One reason for this is the difference in the body structure of men and women. In fact, as the movements of women's joints are more, their ligaments are also more flexible. Since the movement of the knees of women is more, due to this the chances of pain increase.

After menopause, the level of estrogen hormones decreases during the menstrual cycle in women. Estrogen is a hormone found in women, which is helpful in making the knees healthy. But the low level of estrogen hormone during periods affects the knees.

In case of a knee injury, if it is not treated properly and immediately, the risk of pain can increase in the future.

When you exercise or run excessively, there is pressure on the knee cap and tendons, and joint pain increases. Excessive exercise is injurious to health.

Weight and obesity are one of the reasons for joint pain in women as compared to men. More women than men are victims of the problem of obesity. Being overweight puts pressure on the knees. According to experts, the higher the weight, the more pressure it exerts on the knees by five times.

Often people ignore it when there is mild pain, which increases the chances of more pain in the knees. According to the report of Osteoarthritis Research Society International, if a person is having knee pain for more than a year, then it may be due to osteoarthritis.

Remedies for joint pain

There is a need to keep the body healthy to prevent pain in the knees or joints. For this, if you do exercise, then choose such exercise, then save the cartilage of the knees. Swimming and cycling can be done to prevent knee pain. This exercise activity prevents damage to the knees in the future.

Due to excess weight, there is pressure on the knees, so maintain a balanced weight so that there is no pressure on the knees and the possibility of pain can be reduced.

Excessive exercise also causes pain in the joints. Sometimes over-exertion such as getting up fast, sitting, or walking causes pain. The excessive practice of Zumba, functional workouts, Surya Namaskar, and Padmasana can increase the pain. Therefore, exercise only according to the advice of the expert.

If there is swelling in the knees, or there is pain, do not ignore it, but seek medical advice immediately. Ignoring the knee problem only increases the problem in the future.

Note: This article has been prepared on the basis of medical reports and suggestions from health experts.

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