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What is Anxiety Disorder, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Has it ever happened to you that your hands and feet start trembling just before the exam, or your palms start sweating before the job interview? Actually, they are not a sign of any disease, but it is the body's own way of preparing itself before a big event.

These signals coming from the brain, as soon as the event started, they calm down as fast as they were raised. Gradually, the breathing rate and heart rate return to normal. These worries are actually good rather than bad, which helps us to prepare for any event.

But if this worry starts happening for no apparent reason, then it can definitely be a matter of concern. In many people, after reaching this peak, this problem starts affecting their daily work and their life. In such a condition, it can be called Anxiety Disorders or Anxiety Disorders.

What is Anxiety?
It is a mental illness in which the patient experiences negative thoughts, anxiety and fear along with intense restlessness. For instance, abrupt shuddering of hands, perspiring and so forth In case it isn't dealt with as expected on time then it tends to be extremely risky and can likewise cause epilepsy. Later on, the patient can likewise hurt himself.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?
It is truly challenging to say when uneasiness appears as an infection. But if there is any concern that has been there for a long time, it is sure that it can take a bigger form. In such a situation, a mental health expert should be consulted immediately.

There are many different types of anxiety disorders, but some of their common symptoms are –

• Increased heartbeat or shortness of breath
• Increased muscle tension
• Feeling of chest tightness
• Having a ton of love for somebody
• Make unnecessary insistence on something.

What are the causes of Anxiety?

Medical family history-
People who already have a mental health history in their family are more likely to develop an anxiety disorder at some point. For example OCD, which is passed down from generation to generation.

Events that put tension-
Tension problem can likewise be an indication of office stress, sadness over the demise of somebody near you, separation with sweetheart, and so on.

Health concerns-
Anxiety disorder can also be caused by any type of disease related to the body, such as thyroid, asthma, sugar or heart disease. People who are under stress can also fall prey to it. For example, if a person is suffering from depression for a long time, then his manner and manner of working starts to decline.

People often resort to intoxicants (alcohol, ganja, opium or other intoxicants) to forget or reduce any kind of suffering. But it can never be a cure for anxiety. Rather, it will serve to aggravate the problem. As soon as the effect of the drug wears off, the problem will be felt more than before.

Personality disorder-
Some people want to do everything exactly the right way, which society also calls Perfectionist, but this can become a big problem because things do not necessarily go according to them and when it does not happen, they become mentally worried. take.

Treatment of anxiety disorder
Anxiety disorder can be cured. But it should not be taken lightly at all. If any symptoms are seen, seek medical advice immediately and see a professional doctor for treatment. Sorrow or tension can be effortlessly treated with medicine, guiding, or a blend.

• Use Psychotherapy-
You can take the help of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy has been shown to be very effective in relieving anxiety. In this therapy, control of the mind is taught. Be punctual and do everything diligently.

• Do not leave the patient alone-
If a person is struggling with anxiety or depression, then you should try not to leave him alone. Take full sleep because even half-depleted sleep can cause anxiety.

• Eat a healthy diet-
Eat a diet rich in whole and fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fats. Apart from this, eat your meals on regular time and eat whole, do not skip meals. Apart from this, avoid outside food, such as junk food or fried food.

• Make a meal time-
If there is a habit of eating food at any time, then change this habit immediately. Eating at irregular times has a direct effect on mental health. Anxiety is also one of them, so do not compromise on food at any cost.

•Listen to music
Music not only reduces stress but also eliminates it. Music lowers blood pressure, heart rate and stress, so whenever you feel anxious or depressed, listen to music of your choice.

• Be sure to exercise-
Do exercise for at least 30 minutes daily. Make a habit of walking in the morning and evening and definitely include yoga in your daily routine.

Anxiety disorder has become a common problem today and the best option for this problem is prevention and not treatment. The most serious thing about anxiety disorder is that anxiety disorder is not known at what stage it is and in how much time it can become serious, so be aware of its symptoms and if anything is felt, see a doctor immediately. 

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