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Why Do Children Eat Clay / Soil

Why do children and adults eat clay? Let us know earn how to get over of this bad id of this idiosyncrasy.

Eating clay is wrong. But in spite of this, children and many adults also take up the addiction of eating soil. What is the reason for this.

Clay is not a food item, but still people often complain that children eat mud. Some elders also start eating clay, chalk, bricks, even plaster on the wall. This is a matter of concern because by eating clay, there is a lack of nutrients in the body.

It is generally said that due to the lack of calcium in the body, someone eats clay. But let us tell you that due to lack of iron but not calcium, people are forced to eat soil. Iron deficiency occurs when the body lacks folic acid and vitamin B12. Actually, the lack of blood in the body is dependent on the dosage of the children. Children who are fed only milk, they only get elements like protein, calcium, iron is not available, so children should be given not only milk but grains, pulses, vegetables. This will complete the iron deficiency in the body and the child will not eat clay.

Eating clay and chalk can cause worms in the stomach and due to this many times there is also the problem of stones. That is why it is necessary that this habit of children and elders should also be eradicated.

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Follow these methods to get rid of the habit of eating soil/clay

* Give half a teaspoon of ajwain powder (Thyme powder) with lukewarm water to the child at night. This will leave the habit of eating soil.

* Give a small child a mixture of banana and honey to eat.

* Clove is very effective to get rid of the habit of eating soil. For this, take a cup of water in a pan and put some cloves in it and cook it for a while on low flame. Now cool this water and give it to the child to drink thrice a day.

* Ghee must be included in the diet of children.

Mix the powder of mango kernels in a small amount of water and give it to the child. It will help to eliminate stomach worms along with getting rid of the habit of eating soil.

* Give nutritious foods to the child containing iron, folic acid, vitamin B12.

Disclaimer:The ideas referenced in the article are for general data reason just and ought not be taken as expert clinical guidance. Kindly counsel a specialist prior to beginning any wellness routine or clinical exhortation.

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