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Tongue Diseases & Issues

Tongue disease and problems include pain, swelling, or changes in how the tongue looks and the tongue.
The tongue is predominantly comprised of muscles. It remains covered with a mucous membrane. Small bumps (papillae) cover the surface of the back of the tongue. 

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Between the papillae are the taste glands, which give you the taste experience. The tongue rotates the food to help you chew and swallow. The tongue also helps you form words. There are many different causes of changes in the function and appearance of the tongue.

Problems with tongue

Problems with tongue twisting are often caused by nerve damage. Rarely, problems with moving the tongue can also be caused by a disorder where the band of tissue that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too small. This is called ankyloglossia.

Problems with tongue movement can be caused by

* Problems speaking
* Taste problems
* Breastfeeding problems in newborns
* Difficulty eating while chewing and swallowing
* Taste problems can be caused by:
* Nerve problems
* Side effects of some medicines
* An infection, or other condition

The tongue typically faculties sweet, pungent, sharp, and severe preferences. The other "taste" is actually a function of the sense of smell.

Tongue swelling is caused by

* Acromegaly
* Down syndrome
* Prader Willi Syndrome
* The tongue can be wide in people who have no teeth and do not wear dentures.
* Sudden swelling of the tongue can be due to an allergic reaction or a side effect of medicines.

Tongue color change

There may be color changes when the tongue becomes dry (glossitis). The papillae (bulges on the tongue) are lost, giving the tongue a smooth appearance. Geographic tongue is a deviated form of glossitis where the location of inflammation and the appearance of the tongue change from day to day.

Hair on tongue
Hairy tongue is a condition in which the tongue feels hairy or strange. Sometimes it can be treated with anti-fungal medication.

Black tongue
Some of the time the upper surface of the tongue becomes dark or brown. It is a nasty condition but it is not harmful.

Tongue pain
Pain can occur with glossitis and geographic tongue pain in the tongue can also be caused by

* Diabetic neuropathy
* Mouth ulcers
* Oral cancer

After menopause, a few ladies abruptly feel that they have a consuming tongue, this is called consuming tongue condition or idiopathic glossoporiasis. There is no particular treatment for this, yet capsaicin might offer help to certain individuals.

Causes of pain in tongue

* Minor infection or itchy tongue is the most common cause of pain. Injuries, such as biting the tongue, may cause painful sores. Substantial smoking can disturb the tongue and make it difficult.

* Ulcer on tongue
* Benign ulcers on the tongue or elsewhere in the mouth are common. This is called a canker sore and may appear for no known reason.
* Possible causes of tongue pain include:
* Dentures that irritate the tongue
* Oral herpes (ulcer)
* Neuralgia
* Tooth and gum pain
* Anemia
* Cancer
* Heart ache
* Possible causes of tongue pain
* Neurological disorders
* Possible causes of white tongue
* Local irritation
* Smoking and alcohol use
* Possible causes of smooth tongue
* Anemia
* Vitamin B12 deficiency
* Possible causes of red tongue (pink to reddish-purple tongue)
* Pernicious anemia
* Plummer-Vinson syndrome
* Sore throat disease

Possible causes of tongue swelling 

* Congenital microscopicity
* Down syndrome
* Hypothyroidism
* Infection
* Leukemia
* Neurofibromatosis
* Pernicious anemia
* Allergic reaction to food or medicine
* Angioedema
* Beckwind syndrome
* Tongue cancer
* Strep infection
* Tumors of the pituitary gland

Possible causes of hairy tongue

* Antibiotic therapy
* Drinking coffee
* Serious medical conditions
* Overuse of mouthwash with oxidizing or astringent ingredients
* Head and neck radiation
* Tobacco use
* Tongue Disease Home Care

Practicing good oral care can cure hairy tongue and black tongue.Make a point to eat an even eating regimen. Natural wounds heal on their own. See your dentist if you have a tongue problem because of the teeth. Antihistamines can relieve swelling in the tongue due to allergies. Avoid food or medicine that may cause swollen tongue.

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