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Health Benefits & Detriments of Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd:Not only are there benefits of eating bitter gourd, eating more has these disadvantages to health. There are many health benefits of eating bitter gourd. For diabetic patients, bitter gourd is a panacea for keeping sugar under control. But, do you know that eating more bitter gourd also causes some harm to the body?

Bitter Gourd most people do not like to eat, the reason is its bitter taste. But, do you know that by not eating bitter gourd, you are depriving yourself of many diseases from protecting yourself? This is a very beneficial vegetable, which also helps you in reducing weight from diabetes. Its juice protects the beta cells present in the pancreas. Bitter gourd is low in calories, so eating it does not increase weight. Drinking bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach is more beneficial. It is very low in carbs and cholesterol. When you consume this juice regularly, extra fat is removed from the body. Although there are benefits of bitter gourd, it also has some disadvantages. You can get both its benefits and betriments.

Benefits of Karela
There are lots of benefits of eating bitter gourd. In Hindi language it is called "Karela" which does have a bitter taste. The followings are the benefits of a bitter gourd.

Prevent cough-
Due to the presence of phosphorus in bitter gourd, the problem of phlegm is removed. For those who are troubled by cough these days, bitter gourd juice can prove to be a very good home remedy. You will not need any cough syrup to relieve cough.

Lose weight-
Bitter gourd (Karela reduces weight) and the juice prepared from it is considered beneficial for reducing weight. Also, drink bitter gourd juice for two consecutive weeks to reduce the accumulated fat in the body. Fat or adipose tissue in the body is made up of chemically linked chains of fatty acids. Bitter gourd juice contains enzymes. It breaks down fat into free fatty acids. Due to this the fat starts decreasing from the body.

Remove the gas problem-
If you always have the problem of gas, then mix half a cup of bitter gourd juice in a quarter cup of water. Add a spoonful of ground amla powder to it. Acidity is removed by drinking thrice every day.

Keep sugar level under control
For diabetic patients, bitter gourd and its juice are a panacea for controlling sugar level. Drink a quarter cup of bitter gourd juice mixed with the same amount of carrot juice. This will reduce the high blood sugar level. Drinking bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach gives more benefits. If you do not like the taste, then you can add honey or apple juice to it. Diabetic patients should not eat anything for an hour after drinking the juice.

Removes toxins from the body-
Bitter gourd contains about 90% water, which helps in suppressing appetite. In addition, this juice also removes toxins from the body. Toxins present in the body are most responsible for weight gain.

Detriment or disadvantages of bitter gourd-
Besides of benefits of bitter gourd there are many detriments of eating it. The followiings are the detriments of eating bitter gourd.

Eat less bitter gourd in liver disease-
If you have any liver disease, then you should not eat bitter gourd. Whether it is fatty liver or any other liver disease, there is a fear of harm by eating banana in it. The lectin found in bitter gourd inhibits the circulation of proteins in the liver and can aggravate liver problems. Lectins also increase the risk of liver enzymes that damage the liver.

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Reduce bitter gourd intake in pregnancy-
Pregnant women should also avoid eating bitter gourd in excess. This is because the memorrhine present in bitter gourd seeds can harm the health of the unborn baby. Excessive consumption of bitter gourd during pregnancy can also cause miscarriage.

Children may vomit-
Most of the children do not like to eat bitter gourd. Parents should also avoid force feeding it, as it can increase the problem of diarrhea and vomiting in the child.

Diabetes patients should also be careful-
Bitter gourd is very beneficial for diabetic patients, as it keeps the blood sugar level under control. But, consuming too much bitter gourd can be harmful for you too. Consuming bitter gourd in large quantities increases the risk of hemolytic anemia in diabetic patients.

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