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What is good sleep

Sleep is a natural and essential part of our daily routine. It relaxes our body and mind and gives us energy which is essential for leading a healthy life. Deep and complete sleep gives complete relaxation to our mind and body so that we feel fresh and energetic. Due to incomplete or lack of deep sleep, problems like sadness, nerveless, weakness, laziness arise in the person. 

There are many categories of sleep but only the sleep that comes at night is considered as the natural sleep which provides health to the person. It is called "Bhootdhatri".

What is good sleep? -

In Ayurveda, the health of a person depends on the balance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, so any problem arises due to imbalance in these doshas. The imbalance of Vata dosha is mainly seen in insomnia. Due to Vata dosha, a person is unable to sleep even after trying to sleep and the person's mind constantly thinks and thinks about past events and many kinds of worries keep running in his mind. His mind remains restless and unstable, all this is due to abnormal aggravation of Vata dosha. Apart from this, if Kapha dosha increases in a person, then he feels lazy and tired even after sleeping for a long time.

Benefits of good sleep-
People who have a complete and deep sleep at night are healthier than those who suffer from insomnia. Apart from this, there are other benefits, let's know about them-

(1)-Sleep affects our arteries. Not getting sufficient rest is bound to cause issues with circulatory strain, high cholesterol, and it also has a bad effect on the heart. It is necessary for an adult person to get 6-8 hours of sleep.

(2)-Lack of good sleep increases stress and can lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure gives rise to heart diseases whereas deep sleep keeps a person away from all these.

(3)-Those who work late at night are more prone to breast and colon cancer. According to research, melatonin hormone is affected by bright light. This hormone helps to induce sleep. Lack of light and sleep leads to the development of tumors or lumps that give rise to cancer.

(4)-Due to complete and adequate sleep at night, you feel yourself energetic. Being full of energy, you are able to work better and do not feel tired.

(5)-People who get enough sleep have good memory. They are able to understand things more quickly and remember them for a long time.

(6)-Many times the problem of weight gain also arises in those who sleep less. There is a risk of hormone imbalance due to less sleep, which leads to more hunger.

(7)-A person's concentration increases by getting enough sleep. People who do not get enough sleep, they feel sluggish and lethargic throughout the day, due to which concentration is not able to do any work.

(8)-The brain gets rest while sleeping, after working all day, adequate sleep is essential for our brain.

(9)-Always getting enough sleep does not make a person old. They look more healthy and beautiful.

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Side effects of less sleep-

Like having good sleep, the body gets the benefit of many benefits, in the same way, less sleep also has to face many disadvantages. 

(1)-Due to not getting enough sleep, a person can become a victim of stress and mental diseases.

(2)-Due to lack of sleep, the body and mind do not get complete rest, due to which problems like body pain, stiffness and tiredness arise.

(3)-Sleep has a huge impact on the digestive system. If you do not get enough sleep, there is a problem of constipation.

(4)-If the person does not get enough sleep, the person is not able to concentrate in any work and his memory power becomes weak.

(5)-Due to lack of sleep, problems like irritability and depression arise in the person. A person gets angry even on small things.

(6)-In the absence of adequate sleep, the person remains tired without doing any work and the head is always heavy.

Symptoms of insomnia-

Sleeplessness is the most common symptom of insomnia, but there are other symptoms as well-

(1)-Sleeplessness even when you try to sleep.

(2)-Waking up for a while even after falling asleep or complaining of frequent sleep breaks.

(3)-Do not feel fresh and lethargy even after getting up from sleep.

(4)-Laziness is the most common symptom in people suffering from insomnia. A person feels himself unwell which adversely affects his social and personal life.

(5)-A person suffering from insomnia is always irritable and gets angry very quickly.

(6)-Problems like anxiety and depression surround the person suffering from insomnia quickly. They may also behave strangely.

Ways to avoid insomnia-

The most important thing for good sleep is to make changes in lifestyle and diet. Let us know about who they are-

Diet (Comestible)-

(1)-Eat almonds, walnuts, milk and oatmeal in your diet. This will make you sleep well.

(2)-Drink milk before sleeping at night.

(3)-Include salad in dinner as well. By eating salad, an element called lactocerium is produced in the body, due to which the body feels relaxed.

(4)-Consuming Kabuli gram, banana, kiwi at night gives good sleep.

(5)-Drink milk before sleeping at night. The amino acid tryptophan in milk is important for the brain chemical serotonin. Tryptophan and serotonin help you sleep easily at night.

(6)-Include other milk products like curd, paneer etc along with milk in your diet.

(7)-Be sure to consume cherries in fruits. It contains a good amount of melatonin chemical which controls the body clock of our body. As indicated by research, eating cherries a couple of hours before sleep time prompts great rest. People suffering from insomnia should drink a cup of cherry juice twice a day.

(8)-Eat milk and banana in the morning breakfast. Bananas have the ability to loosen muscles. The potassium and magnesium present in it helps in falling asleep quickly. Carbohydrates present in it also help in sleeping well.

(9)-According to research, eating rice at night gives good sleep. Rice has a high glycemic index. In addition, chemicals called tryptophan and serotonin help in sleeping.

(10)-In the evening, completely abandon the consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Instead, take herbal tea.

(11)-Eat 8-10 almonds daily. A good amount of magnesium is found in almonds which relaxes our muscles. When the amount of magnesium in the body is low, then there is trouble in sleeping. Also, almonds make the necessary amount of protein which controls blood sugar while sleeping.

When should I go to the doctor?

If insomnia is not diagnosed and treated soon, then it can become a serious problem and the person can become a victim of depression as well as he also suffers from stomach related diseases. Therefore, for this problem, home remedies should be adopted soon and lifestyle changes should be made. If even these measures do not help a person, then a doctor should be contacted immediately.

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