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Health problems of using mobile phones

Talking on mobile for half an hour every day increases the risk of brain tumor by 400% in 8-10 years. Learn how to avoid such dangers of mobile phone.

Now we cannot even imagine life without mobile phones. It has become such a habit that even when there is no call, we feel that the bell is ringing. This bell may actually be an alarm bell. Radiation emanating from mobile phones and mobile towers can also prove to be a health hazard. But if some precautions are taken, then the dangers caused by mobile radiation can be avoided to a great extent.

Does radiation cause health problems?

Mobile radiation can cause many problems, the main ones being headache, tingling in the head, feeling constantly tired, dizziness, depression, sleeplessness, dryness in the eyes, lack of attention in work, ear problems. Ringing, hearing loss, memory loss, digestive disturbances, irregular heartbeat, joint pain, etc.

Can there be some other dangers also from mobile radiation?

The study says that long-term exposure to mobile radiation can also lead to reduced fertility, cancer, brain tumors and the risk of mis-carriage. Actually, our body is 70 percent water. The brain also contains up to 90 percent water. This water gradually absorbs the body radiation and in the long run is very harmful for health. Even according to the WHO report last year, there can be a possibility of cancer from mobile. The study said that using mobile for half an hour or more every day increases the risk of brain tumor by 200-400% in 8-10 years.

What is the type of radiation?

Microwave radiation is caused by electromagnetic waves whose frequency ranges from 1000 to 3000 MHz. Wireless computers,Air Conditioned machines cordless phones,Microwave ovens and  other wireless devices also produce radiation. But due to the ever increasing use, proximity to the body and increasing numbers, mobile radiation can prove to be the most dangerous. There are two types of mobile radiation, from mobile towers and mobile phones.

Who gets more harmed by radiation?

Mobile radiation is harmful for everyone but children, women, elderly and patients can be more harmed by it. The US Food and Drug Administration says that children and adolescents should not spend too much time on mobiles and should use speaker phones or handsets, so that the distance between the head and the mobile is maintained. Children and pregnant women should also avoid excessive use of mobile phones.

Mobile tower or phone, which damage is more?

The mobile phone is closer to us, so there should be more damage from it, but more trouble comes from the tower because we do not use the mobile continuously, while the tower continuously spreads radiation round the clock. If we talk on mobile for an hour, then we get 23 hours to compensate for the damage caused by it, while the people living near the tower live in the jad of the continuous waves emanating from it. If the tower is placed in front of the house, then the people living in it may start having health problems within 2-3 years. Many cases of cancer in Mumbai's Usha Kiran building are being linked to mobile tower radiation. 

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In which area of ​​the mobile tower is the maximum damage?

The maximum radiation is in the 300 meter area of ​​the mobile tower. The front part of the antenna emits most of the waves. Obviously, the damage is also greater on the front side, than on the back and bottom. In the damage caused by a mobile tower, it also matters whether the house is in front or behind the antenna mounted on the tower. Similarly distance is also very important. One meter area of ​​the tower has 100 times more radiation. The more antennas on the tower, the higher the radiation.

How long is it okay to use mobile?

The use of mobile phones for 24 minutes in a day is healthy in terms of health. It is also important here that the SAR of your mobile. What is Value? Talking for a short time on a phone with a high SAR value is more harmful than talking a lot on a phone with a low SAR value. Using a landline phone for long conversations is an easy way to avoid radiation. It can also be understood that using a landline phone in office or at home. Avoid using cordless phones.

What data says-
In 2010, a WHO research revealed that there is a risk of cancer from mobile radiation. In Hungary, scientists found that young men who used cell phones a lot, their sperm count decreased. According to research conducted in Germany, people who were living in an area of ​​​​400 meters from the transmitter antenna, the risk of cancer increased three times. Transmission in an area of ​​400 meters is 100 times more than in the rest of the area.

As indicated by an examination done in Kerala, the business populace of honey bees has fallen by 60% because of radiation from phone towers. Sparrows that lay eggs near cell phone towers do not hatch even after 30 days, which usually takes 10-14 days. Significantly, the towers emit electromagnetic waves of very light frequency (900 to 1800 MHz), but they can also cause significant damage to small chicks. A 2010 Interphone study indicates that long-term mobile use increases the risk of developing tumors.

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What are the guidelines regarding radiation?

Radiation limit for GSM towers is 4500 mW/m. The square is fixed. But the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation (ICNIRP) guidelines that were implemented in India were actually for short-term exposure, whereas mobile towers are subject to continuous radiation. So reduce this limit to 450 mW/m. Speaking of square off. These new guidelines will come into effect from September 15. This limit is also very high and only 1 milliwatt/m. Square radiance also gives damage. This is the reason why in Austria 1 milliwatt/m. Square and 0.01 mW/m in South Wales, Australia. square limit.

How can you reduce mobile phone radiation?

To reduce radiation, you can also put a ferrite bead (a radiation absorber) with your phone. The utilization of cell phone radiation safeguard is likewise a decent way.  These days numerous organizations are selling such gear on the lookout. Can use radiation block application. Actually, these are special types of software, which can block WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS or antenna for a specific time.

How to avoid tower radiation?
These measures can be effective to avoid mobile radiation:

-Stay as far away from mobile towers as possible.
-Ask the tower company to reduce the power of the antenna.
-If there is a mobile tower in front of the house, then keep the windows and doors of the house closed.
-Check the level of radiation with the help of radiation detector in the house. Spend less time in the area where the radiation is high.

A radiation detector named Detex is available for around Rs 5000. You can apply a special type of film on the windows of the house because most of the radiation comes through the glass. The cost of anti-radiation film is around Rs 4000 for a window. Shielding curtains can be installed on window doors. These curtains can block radiation to a great extent. Many companies make such products.

Can low signals be fatal?
If the signal is coming less then do not use the mobile because the radiation is high during this time. Mobile should be used only when there is full signal. It is better to use the mobile by standing near a window or door or in the open as it gives a way to the waves to exit.

How helpful is talking on the speaker?

The farther away the mobile is from the body, the less damage will be done, so keep the phone away from the body. The BlackBerry phone also comes with a message that says to keep the mobile at a distance of 25 mm (about 1 inch) from the body. The Samsung Galaxy S3 also has a message to keep the mobile away from the body. Use speaker phone or or hands-free to avoid electromagnetic radiation. Use headsets that have a plastic air tube between the ear piece and the ear.

Is it okay to sleep with a mobile under a pillow?
Do not roam around with the mobile in your pocket all the time, nor sleep with it under or next to the pillow as the mobile sends a signal to the tower every minute. It is better to take the mobile out of the pocket and keep it at a distance of at least two feet i.e. about an arm. Keep your distance even while sleeping.

Is keeping mobile in pocket harmful for heart?
There is no direct link between mobile radiation and heart disease so far. But due to excessive use of mobile or living near mobile tower, there is a possibility of irregular heartbeat along with other problems. It is better that we take precautions and reduce the use of mobile.

Does the mobile do more damage if a pacemaker is installed?
If the pacemaker is installed in the body, then talk to the handset by making a distance of up to 1 foot. The device in the body produces an electric signal, with which the mobile signal can interfere. In such a situation, they can transmit more or less signals to the body, which can be harmful. In this case, talk via Bluetooth or hands-free device or by turning on the speaker. Do not keep the mobile in the pocket on the side where the pacemaker is installed.

Does keeping it in a pocket of pant affect sperms?
It  believes that there is no concrete evidence that mobile radiation causes harm or not. Still, as a precaution, it would be better if you put your mobile with a belt on the waist.

Does using blue-tooth increase damage?
If we use blue-tooth, then our body will absorb a little more radiation. If you turn on Bluetooth, then 10 milliwatt power will come out as an additional. Along with the power emanating from the mobile, the body will also absorb it. In such a situation, it is important to keep the mobile away from your body while talking on Bluetooth. It is good if there is a distance of one foot.

Is mobile use dangerous for games/net surfing?
Playing games on mobile is not very harmful for health, but there is radiation during internet surfing, so internet surfing should not be done longer than mobile phone. What to keep in mind while using mobile in metro or lift? Avoid the use of mobiles in lift or metro as the risk of entering the body increases due to the closure of the exit of the waves. Also, low signal in these places can also be harmful.

Where to keep mobile?
There is no consensus yet about where to keep the mobile. It has also not been proved that there is a direct harm in keeping the mobile in pocket etc. except in the case of pacemakers. However, as a precaution, it is appropriate for women to keep the mobile in a purse and for men in a pouch placed on the side of the belt at the waist.

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