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How to quit drinking alcohol habit

Alcohol addiction is emerging as the biggest bad addiction in the society today. Where some people consume alcohol as a hobby, then many people have got addicted to it badly. Such a person can live without eating food but cannot live without drinking alcohol. Almost every educated person knows about the ill-effects of drinking alcohol on health. Still consumes it because he does not love his body. Today we are going to tell you through this post how you can motivate yourself to quit alcohol. But before that it is very important to find out in which category of people who drink alcohol you find yourself standing.

A person who consumes alcohol regularly starts getting sick both physically and mentally. Due to the consumption of alcohol, there is a risk of serious diseases like liver, digestive disorders, kidney disease, heart disease, sugar. A person who consumes alcohol initially feels mentally strong and light after drinking alcohol, but gradually it starts having the opposite effect. An alcoholic person gradually becomes mentally irritable. Loses decision making ability. Gets angry very quickly. The likelihood of an alcoholic person committing suicide also becomes very high.

An alcoholic person not only makes himself sick physically and mentally, but also disturbs the peace of his family. Fighting with his wife, his children and parents, living in depression and losing respect in the society are all the consequences of drinking alcohol.

Where do you find yourself standing among drunken people:-
If you consume alcohol and want to give up this addiction in some way, then before that you have to analyze yourself that how you consume alcohol :-

Drinking alcohol in party etc as hobby :-

The person who consumes alcohol only and only as a hobby, in parties etc. or on any special occasion etc. And by not consuming excessive amount of alcohol and consuming it only and only in limited quantity, then there is no need to worry because you do not come under the category of drunken person nor are you addicted to drinking alcohol.

Drinking alcohol regularly:-
If you regularly consume alcohol. While fulfilling all his responsibilities in the society, he drinks alcohol free from job etc. in the evening. If you do not consume alcohol in excess, then it is a little worrying matter. Because even if you consume a small amount of alcohol, but if you consume alcohol regularly, then understand that you have become addicted to it. And you have to leave it.


Drunken person :-

The people living in this society, who are intoxicated day and night without caring about all their responsibilities, they are called drunken people in the true sense. The morning of such a person also starts with alcohol and the night also ends with alcohol. Such a person drinks alcohol day and night. We see two types of drunken people in this type of drunken person: First, an alcoholic is one who has no purpose in life and is neither an educated person nor has any social responsibility of any kind.
Such a person cannot stop drinking alcohol even if he wants to. The second alcoholic is that: one who is educated has some social responsibilities as well, but some mental accident has made him an alcoholic. Such a person realizes after a time that he should stop drinking alcohol, but by then he has become mentally weak.

Ways to quit alcohol:-
If you are a responsible and educated person and have been troubled by alcohol addiction. Due to being mentally weak, you are not able to give up alcohol, then you can make your life happy by adopting the following tips in life:-

(1) - Leave drunken friends:-

Alcoholic friends are the biggest reason for drinking alcohol. There are many drunken people who do not want to drink alcohol by themselves, but their drunken friends inspire them to drink alcohol. So leave the company of your drunken friends from today itself. and make new friends. Make friends who are socially responsible citizens and do not drink alcohol. You will see that gradually your addiction to drinking will start decreasing.

(2)-Allow a new direction to the mind :-

This is the surest way to quit drinking. You give a new direction to your brain, that is, change it towards a direction where there is no desire to drink alcohol. Yes, and this path is the path of spirituality, the path of religion, this is such a path on which the person who goes ahead, quitting alcohol (Sharab Chodne ke Upay) seems to be a very simple thing. Lead yourself on the path of Dharma. Do worship. Study religious texts. Go in the company of true religious gurus and sages and saints. Giving a new direction to the mind is the surest way to quit alcohol. But for this you will first need a sincere introspection. Think comfortably on this topic for a few days and then proceed on this path.

(3)-Do not let the stomach remain empty:-

It is often seen that the urge to drink alcohol arises when the person's stomach is empty. So keep eating something. If you want to drink alcohol in the evening, then eat a little early in the evening. It is often seen that after a full meal, there is no desire to drink alcohol.

(4)-Do yoga : -

Start doing yoga in the morning and evening on an empty stomach. You can join any yoga ashram. This will make you feel amazing changes in yourself. Pranayama and exercise will give you strength physically and mentally. And also eat a balanced diet.

(5)-Consulting Psychiatrist:-

Psychiatrists can play an important role in helping you quit alcohol. Consult a good psychiatrist. They will give you these types of medicines which will reduce the urge to drink alcohol and gradually you will be able to get rid of this bad addiction.

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