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Sanatan (Hindu) religion is increasing in China,

The evidence of eternal (Hindu) religion in China is more than thousands of years old, but gradually China became an atheist country, today China is the largest atheist country in the world

In China, where the government has declared Islam as a major threat to mental illness and Christianity and the government is putting locks on mosques and churches, on the other hand, the trend of Sanatan Dharma increased for the people of China to change their lives and peace. is

According to an information, people are adopting yoga very fast in all the big cities of China and along with yoga, the people of China are increasingly adopting other rituals of Sanatan Dharma for change and mental peace. is

There is no restriction on the observance of Sanatan Dharma in China, in China people apart from yoga are learning aarti on a large scale and are also doing aarti, Chinese people are also involved with it in their hands, performing rituals like tilak on their foreheads Are also learning and people are adopting it.

Now the Chinese government has also started making rules to burn the bodies there instead of burial, the Chinese government has ordered the people who died of Crona virus to burn them instead of burial.

The Chinese government says that burial does not eliminate diseases, viruses or bacteria enter the body from the ground and diseases persist in the area, burns end viruses and bacteria, so the emphasis is on burning for funerals. Go
People in China are increasingly adopting the laws of eternal religion and there is no outside power in it, because the Chinese government is very powerful and does not allow Islam and Christianity to spread.

People in China are learning the laws of Sanatan Dharma by their own aspirations, no one is converting them, but they are voluntarily transforming themselves into Sanatan tradition to bring a better change in their lives
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