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Lungs' magical Power repairs bad cells if you quit smoking

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This research was done by University College London and Welcome Sanger Institute, they saw the effect of lungs.
It said- this magic power also protects you from lung cancer.

According to new research, there is magical power in human lungs. If you have been smoking for years and quit it today, the magic power of the lungs corrects the damaged cells, replacing the more damaged cells. This power also protects you from lung cancer.

University College London and the Wellcome Sanger Institute have reported through a research that smoking for a long time changes the properties of cells. Dr. Peter Campbell, who is also the lead author of the research, told that from the moment you decide to quit smoking, you start getting its benefits. After this, with the magical power given to the lungs by the nature, the lungs start transforming their bad cells. The special thing is that the new cells are completely healthy. We have named this process the magical strength of the lungs.

Lung biopsy was analyzed
According to this research published in the journal Nature, scientists included 16 people. These included long-time smokers, quitting smokers, never smokers, and some children. The lungs of all of them were biopsied and then analyzed.
Researchers found about 10,000 additional genetic changes in the cells of smokers that were caused by tobacco and its chemicals. One-quarter of the degraded cells showed a change that was pointing to cancer. At the same time, the number of such cells was less in those who quit smoking. Their cells were much like those of never smokers. That is, their degraded cells were getting healthy over time. Dr. Peter says that no matter how old the smoking habit is, it is good to quit it.

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