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Eat with Hands instead Spoon: Why?

Eat without Spoon|If you eat with a spoon instead of hands, then this news is for you. A study has shown that eating with hands instead of a spoon increases its taste. Scientists have reported that the sensory perception of the brain increases when food is touched with hands and the food tastes delicious.

Scientists say that as soon as you touch the food with the hands, the brain is satisfied with the food and its taste gets increased. This study says that those who have a good view of what they eat before eating do not find it tasty. This study has been done by Stevens University of New York.

For this study, scientists told people to grab and watch it before eating a piece of cheese and then concluded it. Half of the people had caught the cheese with a spoon and half had caught it with fingers. Those who held the cheese with their hands found it tastier than the people who held the cheese with a spoon.

Scientists also say that people who eat food with hands eat more. For this, the scientists divided the two groups and saw that where food is eaten less with a spoon, more is eaten with hands. In such a situation, if you also want the food to be tasty and you also get satisfaction, then eat the food by hand instead of a spoon.
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